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Portable water filter for travel camping fishing model 01

Portable water filter for travel camping  fishing model 01
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  • Productivity - up to 15 litres per 24 hours.
  • 2 filter elements.
  • Total capacity - up to 2500 litres.
  • Size - 175x100x45 mm.
  • Gross weight - 302 g.

The filter has been examined in Moscow scientific research institute of hygiene, Finnish central water laboratory, Kiev scientific research institute of ecology and hygiene. Filter "Nerox" has been engineered and applied in industry according to the patent of Russia в„– 2145943 of Research and production enterprise "Simpex".


The water is the basis of life. This remark became too common and banal nowadays. But if we get closer to it we would face the shocking facts: that usual water can contain up to 13.000 potentially dangerous contaminating elements; that 10 million people annually die in the world consuming contaminated water. It draws us to conclusion that pure drinking water is a privilege and luxury for most of the people.

That is why engineering in the sphere of ecology is the basis of our activity, and production of goods designed for high quality water purification - is the primary direction. Our main goal was the manufacture of such filters that at high level of water purification could be afforded by lots of people.

Now, thanks to the everyday filters "NEROX" of our manufacture the luxury of drinking of purified water is available virtually for anyone in Ukraine and beyond its bounds.

At the present time there are lots of water purification devices. But only "NEROX" uses unique invention of the scientists - track membrane. The filter is capable of cleaning the great number of admixtures, dirt, bacteria and the taste of clean water will be at most approximate to the one of spring water. At the same time the water preserves the microelements that are essential for our organism.

The track membrane is made out of thin lavsan film, which has 400 millions holes per square centimeter. Each hole is 0.2 microns in diameter. The hole's sizes allow the vitally essential minerals to get through and be present in purified water, while filtering out all contaminating components, which are dangerous for human health. Mode of purification is taken from nature: every living cell of an animal or plant organism is surrounded by the superfine membrane, which supplies the cell with clean water and necessary microelements.

The laminating membrane has been designed and engineered by specialists of Joint-stock company Research and production enterprise "Simpex" on the unique equipment that also was designed inside the Company. The laminating type of membrne has just the same overall filtering efficiency as usual track membrane, 15-20 times exceeding it in durability and strength.

The filter is placed into the container with unclean water. Penetrating through the superfine membrane pores the water is purifying and interflowing by tube into the receiving container, which is 0.7-1.5 meters below the initial one. Without replacement of any details filter "NEROX" purifies up to 2.5 tons of tap water. As far as the filter becomes dirty, cleaning with usual flow-through water will be required. Cleaning of the filter is so easy that even a child is capable of doing it.


  • high purification rate;
  • complete obviousness of purification results;
  • presence of indirect notification system about filter element pollution (decrease of filter productivity);
  • productivity of the filter can be increased by means of joining filter elements;
  • filter does not require replacement cartridges, only periodical rinsing is needed;
  • filter element is ecologically clean, i.e. does not contain any sorbents and other chemical elements.

Main characteristics of the membrane:

  • low thickness of the film (10-23 micron)
  • diameter of the pores is 0,2 - 0,4 micron
  • solidity of the pores is up to 400 million per 1 square centimeter
  • operating temperature range is up to 120 degrees C
  • nonhygroscopicity (swelling in water is less than 0,5%)
  • biological inactivity
  • solidity, flexibility, bursting stability
  • stability to the majority of the acids, organic solvents, deluted alkali solutions
  • low weight and slight adsorption
  • ecological purity
  • capability of complete retention of particles, superior to the pores size

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