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Ozone-hydrogen therapy

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Ozone and hydrogen have a similar spectrum of therapeutic activity and the combined use of these gases offers attractive prospects for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. But how can this be done in practice, especially at home?

Obviously, both gases, due to their chemical properties (ozone is unstable and very quickly turns into ordinary oxygen, and hydrogen belongs to flammable gases) cannot be purchased anywhere in the form of compressed gases. In addition, the use of compressed gases is strictly regulated and prohibited for private use. Is there a theoretical possibility that it is easy and safe to obtain sufficient quantities of this gas at home?

Yes, it does, because ozone is a form of oxygen, which, together with hydrogen, is part of ordinary water. If we divide water into oxygen and hydrogen, while converting some of the oxygen into ozone, then we will get the necessary healing gases at home.

This is exactly the task that Bozon Home H2 / O3 solves.