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Alopecia treatment

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Alopecia is a very “uncomfortable” problem when person quickly loses hair. Though losing 60-100 hairs per day is considered as a norm, more intense hair loss is definitely alopecia. Both men and women can suffer from this illness. Fortunately, modern medicine have effective healing methods.

Main information about alopecia

Alopecia treatment -

Scientist don't have a set opinion about the reasons of hair loss processes, but in most of cases baldness appears because of:

  • bad nutrilion;
  • use of drugs;
  • infections and traumas;
  • pregnancy (some hair loss without baldness).

Alopecia causes serious psychological problems as it makes hair look not aesthetically pleasing, and people try to hide it under wigs (women) or totally shaving head (men).

Effective alopecia treatment

Nowadays there are thousands of alopecia treatment methods — from using special shampoos to hair transplant surgery. All these methods vary by price, terms of treatment and effectiveness.

In Kalinka Store we believe that almost all diseases our bodies can treat themselves. All we need to do is to stimulate particular organs, parts of the body or immune system to work better and fight illnesses. Scientists find out that most of the hair on our heads are in “sleep” stage. It means that there are many hair follicles that can develop into hair under some stimulation.

On this page we offer D'Arsonval therapy devices and Placentol balm as an effective and safe treatment method. With a help of D'Arsonval therapy hair follicle gets more blood under the influence of pulsed high-frequency currents. To get the effect, you'll need a 1-2 months course with the gradual increase in the voltage.

The second method is Placentol balsam — a unique Russian development with outstanding recovery features. This balm has a proven ability to renovate cells and is widely used in anti-aging cosmetics. You can try one or both of these methods to get rid of alopecia.

Please don't forget that best beauty results we get not only when we use best beauty products, but when we lead a healthy lifestyle. Try to drink as much clear water as possible, add healthy organic products to your diet and do some sports — the results that you'll get will impress you.