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Mishin coils LIVE SINUS Set #2 Vortex medicine device

Mishin coils LIVE SINUS  Set #2 Vortex medicine device
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Mishin coil is an electric device designed for treatment of various human diseases. Its working principle is based on the use of electrostatics. The coil is supplied with 24 V current at 300 kHz frequency.

Applying this coil — as well as other Mishin coils and discs of different forms — to the various parts of our body helps to get rid of many diseases.

Mishin therapeutic device’s working principle is based on the exposure of affected body parts to a variable electrostatic field. It is called an eddy-current medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction we studied at physics lessons at school when we rubbed an ebonite stick with wool so it started attracting small objects. The coil works in the same way except that an electrostatic field is generated electrically instead of friction. We require a variable electrostatic field in this case

Mishin coils and discs effect on a human body proved to be highly curative.

Usually, a set consists of two coils. A larger disc for a general influence on a body and a smaller one called a torus or more often a bagel. The bagel is being applied to the problem zones directly.

The list of diseases curable with Mishin coil is extensive. Particular interest, however, is drawn by the fact that this device is able to treat a large number of diseases considered incurable by the traditional medicine. The biggest impact is achieved in the area of oncological diseases. The illnesses considered immedicable by traditional methods are the most easy to treat.

The point is that, strictly speaking, there are two life forms within any of us. One is normal for us, and is based on spiral DNA-structures, the other includes the same DNA but close-looped on themselves. It is conditioned by the harmful environment, such as radio-magnetic emissions, poisonous toxins in our food, etc.

Such closed-looped formations are aggressive towards other cells, and are able to proliferate quickly. This is how paraplasms are formed.

 Electrostatics effects are limited to such pathologies only. Electrostatic charges automatically find closed-looped structures and break them up. In this way cancer and other pathological cells are quickly destroyed. Many viruses are closed-looped as well, and are easily eliminated.

Apart from physical effects, there is an interaction with more subtle causal bodies. In eddy-current medicine such bodies are called eddy bodies or just eddies. Hence the name, the Eddy-Current Medicine. In esoterics, the same bodies are called astral or subtle bodies. Exposing an eddy body to an electrostatic influence results in its harmonization and purification from foreign elements. Our physical body is merely replicating an eddy one, and, therefore, comes to a normal state as well.

Set No.2 «Live-Sinus 5 » with universal Coil (3 in 1)

English manual included

This kit includes: generator, capacitive torus and universal coil (3 in 1)

This one is the most full-featured of the sets currently offered, capacitive torus and universal coil (3 in 1), which depending on the connection versions. It takes just seconds to go over from one mode to the other.

The set includes a multifunctional, waveform generator, type «Live Sinus» for use with any versions of Mishin, Tesla and other coils (as of this moment the best in Russia device – as to its performance data, functionality, as well as to its price/quality ratio).
Included in the set:
  • LS-5  generator;
  • universal coil (3 in 1): 
  • capacitive Mishin coil — torus;
  • field indicator;
  • adapter + cables for connection in different modes;
  • power-supply source;
  • product certificate


 This generator may be used in two basic modes of operation:

  • off-line (i.e. with no third-party application or software connected);
  • under control of a third-party, smartphone or computer-installed application.

On the one hand, the off-line mode is entirely self-sufficient and simple to use (in daily life and/or for elderly people), on the other hand, for substantial expansion of generator functionality use may be made (at present) of an Android-controlled mobile application or of the «LiveSinusLite» program for PC-installed Windows OS. The third-party application permits monitoring the instrument performance, as well as, the entire re-adjustment of generator parameters and functionality in accordance with the Users’ specific needs (when and if required), thus providing a wide field for potential experiments.

In this case the following is possible to ensure:

  • best-quality signal (at the expense of application of the advanced technology of DDS frequency digital synthesis);
  • simplicity of operation (everything is controlled by means of a powerful, in-built microcontroller (just only two push-buttons on the instrument front panel);
  • multi-functionality (diversity of waveforms of the signals generated; possibility of amplitude and frequency modulations of base frequency
  • phase shift by as much as required, possibility of operation in the modes with automatic adjustment of frequency and output power or without it);
  • high-quality associated parts, commercial manufacture and installation;


The list of diseases that can be acted upon by Mishin’s coil is very long, but of particular interest is the effect on a number of diseases, which, by the way, are currently recognized as incurable by medicine.

We have achieved great success in the treatment of cancer. Paradoxically, the diseases that modern science classifies as incurable are the simplest for the coil.



✓ in the treatment of skin diseases - HERPES , LICHEN , PAPILLOMA , DANDRUFF , etc .;

✓ in the treatment of joint diseases - OSTEOCHONDROSIS , ARTHRITIS , RHEUMATISM , ARTHROSIS , etc .;

✓ when getting rid of parasites - TICKS , WORMS , FLEAS , MASQUERADES and many others;

✓ for pain in the back , stomach , chest , legs , teeth .

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