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Mishin coils LIVE SINUS Vortex medicine device

Mishin coils LIVE SINUS Vortex medicine device
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Mishin coil is an electric device designed for treatment of various human diseases. Its working principle is based on the use of electrostatics. The coil is supplied with 24 V current at 300 kHz frequency.

Applying this coil — as well as other Mishin coils and discs of different forms — to the various parts of our body helps to get rid of many diseases.

Mishin therapeutic device’s working principle is based on the exposure of affected body parts to a variable electrostatic field. It is called an eddy-current medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction we studied at physics lessons at school when we rubbed an ebonite stick with wool so it started attracting small objects. The coil works in the same way except that an electrostatic field is generated electrically instead of friction. We require a variable electrostatic field in this case

Mishin coils and discs effect on a human body proved to be highly curative.

Usually, a set consists of two coils. A larger disc for a general influence on a body and a smaller one called a torus or more often a bagel. The bagel is being applied to the problem zones directly.

The list of diseases curable with Mishin coil is extensive. Particular interest, however, is drawn by the fact that this device is able to treat a large number of diseases considered incurable by the traditional medicine. The biggest impact is achieved in the area of oncological diseases. The illnesses considered immedicable by traditional methods are the most easy to treat.

The point is that, strictly speaking, there are two life forms within any of us. One is normal for us, and is based on spiral DNA-structures, the other includes the same DNA but close-looped on themselves. It is conditioned by the harmful environment, such as radio-magnetic emissions, poisonous toxins in our food, etc.

Such closed-looped formations are aggressive towards other cells, and are able to proliferate quickly. This is how paraplasms are formed.

 Electrostatics effects are limited to such pathologies only. Electrostatic charges automatically find closed-looped structures and break them up. In this way cancer and other pathological cells are quickly destroyed. Many viruses are closed-looped as well, and are easily eliminated.

Apart from physical effects, there is an interaction with more subtle causal bodies. In eddy-current medicine such bodies are called eddy bodies or just eddies. Hence the name, the Eddy-Current Medicine. In esoterics, the same bodies are called astral or subtle bodies. Exposing an eddy body to an electrostatic influence results in its harmonization and purification from foreign elements. Our physical body is merely replicating an eddy one, and, therefore, comes to a normal state as well.

Set No.1 «Live-Sinus 5 BT» with universal Coil (3 in 1) -Bluetooth 

English manual included

This set includes the generator with a Bluetooth module, capacitive torus and universal coil (3  in 1)

This one is the most full-featured of the sets currently offered. It consists of generator with a Bluetooth-module for communication with a smartphone/graphic tablet, capacitive tore and universal coil (3 in 1), which depending on the connection versions. It takes just seconds to go over from one mode to the other.

The set includes a multifunctional, waveform generator, type «Live Sinus 5 BT» for use with any versions of Mishin, Tesla and other coils (as of this moment the best in Russia device – as to its performance data, functionality, as well as to its price/quality ratio).
Included in the set:
  • LS-5 BT generator (with an integrated Bluetooth-module);
  • universal coil (3 in 1): 
  • capacitive Mishin coil — torus;
  • field indicator;
  • adapter + cables for connection in different modes;
  • power-supply source;
  • product certificate



 This generator may be used in two basic modes of operation:

  • off-line (i.e. with no third-party application or software connected);
  • under control of a third-party, smartphone or computer-installed application.

On the one hand, the off-line mode is entirely self-sufficient and simple to use (in daily life and/or for elderly people), on the other hand, for substantial expansion of generator functionality use may be made (at present) of an Android-controlled mobile application or of the «LiveSinusLite» program for PC-installed Windows OS. The third-party application permits monitoring the instrument performance, as well as, the entire re-adjustment of generator parameters and functionality in accordance with the Users’ specific needs (when and if required), thus providing a wide field for potential experiments.

In this case the following is possible to ensure:

  • best-quality signal (at the expense of application of the advanced technology of DDS frequency digital synthesis);
  • simplicity of operation (everything is controlled by means of a powerful, in-built microcontroller (just only two push-buttons on the instrument front panel);
  • multi-functionality (diversity of waveforms of the signals generated; possibility of amplitude and frequency modulations of base frequency
  • phase shift by as much as required, possibility of operation in the modes with automatic adjustment of frequency and output power or without it);
  • high-quality associated parts, commercial manufacture and installation;


The list of diseases that can be acted upon by Mishin’s coil is very long, but of particular interest is the effect on a number of diseases, which, by the way, are currently recognized as incurable by medicine.

We have achieved great success in the treatment of cancer. Paradoxically, the diseases that modern science classifies as incurable are the simplest for the coil.



✓ in the treatment of skin diseases - HERPES , LICHEN , PAPILLOMA , DANDRUFF , etc .;

✓ in the treatment of joint diseases - OSTEOCHONDROSIS , ARTHRITIS , RHEUMATISM , ARTHROSIS , etc .;

✓ when getting rid of parasites - TICKS , WORMS , FLEAS , MASQUERADES and many others;

✓ for pain in the back , stomach , chest , legs , teeth .

Recommendations for coils applications

General principles - they are quite simple and were repeatedly voiced by A. Mishin himself.

The main principle is “Do no harm”, so the first weeks you need to start working with coils in a test, gentle mode - 15-20 minutes per session, 2-3 sessions per day. For people of advanced age and (or) with serious illnesses, the first sessions can be limited to 5-10 minutes.

The coil during the session is applied to problem areas (where it hurts). It is advisable to set aside several minutes to work with the kidneys (attach a coil to the lower back) - it is through the kidneys that the main stream of toxins removed from the body will go. For heavily slagged, or having problems with the kidneys - the first sessions can be started only with them. At the same time, in order to facilitate the work of the excretory system, one should try to drink more than ordinary pure water.

Flat reel and reel and torus (bagel). Simple analogies - a flat coil “shines” like a round cinquefoil in all directions, so it should be used to affect large organs and the entire body. The torus coil, like a flashlight, has less power, but “shines” with a narrow and bright beam, so this coil is very effective against point “sores” (warts, papillomas, herpes, joints, local burns, etc., etc.) P.). Coils can be applied on either side, there is no difference.

When working with coils, different reactions can occur - from “I don’t feel anything” to a severe hangover syndrome (intoxication from toxins and pathogens released into the blood under the influence of coils - cleaning). There are a large number of intermediate reactions between these extreme reactions: for example, increased drowsiness, or vice versa - a surge of strength and vigor, a sensation of a metallic taste in the mouth, sometimes a sensation of pulsations or movement in the area of ​​influence of the coil. A skin rash may occur because the skin along with the kidneys and liver performs excretory functions. Sometimes a temporary exacerbation of chronic diseases can occur - this is a normal reaction, you should not be afraid of this. Be sure to monitor the reactions of the body. With painful manifestations, you should either reduce the time of the sessions, or reduce their number, you can make a temporary pause in the sessions. As with any business, regularity, consistency, and patience are important when working with coils. Some problems go away in 1-2 sessions, for others it may take months of hard work.

Live Sinus coils are made universal and therefore can work in different modes, depending on how you connect to the generator.

According to A. Mishin, the main wellness is the coil, which is turned on according to the capacitive circuit (the low-voltage capacitive connection option is when the coil is connected directly to the generator). The high-voltage static switching option (via a step-up adapter and cable without marking) is only an auxiliary one and can be effective only in some cases.

The new 3rd connection option proposed by us (high-voltage capacitive - see the article on our website in the Information section) - turned out to be safer by the capacitive circuit and via the boost adapter (the stray electromagnetic field is suppressed 80-90 times) and, at the same time, most effective (useful electrostatic field increased by 3-5 times). Therefore, our recommendation for everyone is to use this particular regimen as the main wellness regimen. To do this, the coil (flat or torus) is connected to the generator through a boost adapter and a cable with color marking.

Power levels are selected by the red button on the front panel of the generator (50-100-200%).

A. Mishin's recommendations for a low-voltage capacitive option for switching on coils -

current 50-150 mA (RMS, or rms value). For the “Live Sinus 5” generator, this corresponds to 50-100% of the power (respectively, the green and yellow colors of the indication on the generator panel). For high-voltage modes, when the parasitic electromagnetic component of the field is almost at zero level, you can safely use higher power levels, for example, 200% (red color of the display), which corresponds to 300 mA RMS (you can set an even higher current through an external application on Android or Windows) .


The principle of operation of the Mishin”s coils device on the human body:


When you turn on the device and connect the corresponding coil to the generator, the oscillator circuit enters into resonance with the coil at a frequency that corresponds to its capacity. The coils are usually wound with a double, copper wire and connected in capacitive mode to the generator. The capacity of the coil is inversely proportional to the frequency of generation, the more the coil has turns, the more its capacity, and the frequency of the electric signal coming to it from the generator is less. The coil turns an electric, sinusoidal signal into an alternating, electrostatic field (do not confuse it with an electromagnetic one). Simply put, the coil begins to emit an alternating, electrostatic field (the same as between the plates of any capacitor in nature). Russian radio engineer A. Mishin determined that when exposed to the human body by this alternating electrostatic field, at its specific frequency, a therapeutic effect is created. He even, of course, not without the help of qualified specialists in the field of medicine, conducted experiments and experimentally identified therapeutic frequencies that most effectively cope with a particular disease. A frequency of approximately 300-330 kilohertz is considered universal and has a beneficial effect on the entire human body, any disease. Frequencies below 300-270 kilohertz, it is believed that they produce fungi and microtoxins. Over 330-350 kilohertz frequencies more effectively cope with viruses and bacteria. But with respect to multicellular, alien organisms, for example helminths, it is believed that frequencies of the order of 450 kilohertz and higher are better for them.

Usually all manufacturers of Mishin coils make a device with a universal frequency of the order of 300-330 kHz. Nevertheless, if you need a bias for a specific disease, then this frequency is not difficult to change, simply by varying the number of turns of the coil during its manufacture.

Good luck and good health !!!


Before starting treatment, be sure to clean the liver and kidneys at least a few days. 

The liver and kidneys are the natural filters of our body. And if you started treating your body with a different organ, and not from the liver and kidneys, then you may feel malaise, drowsiness, nausea, and other side effects. And the older you are, the more polluted natural filters you have, the more severe ailment you may feel. Therefore, always, any treatment with Misha’s coils begins precisely from the liver and kidneys, and only then proceed to the treatment of other diseased organs. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!

The thing is that with the primary treatment of other organs, it does not matter which (heart, head, thyroid gland) toxins and remnants of killed viruses are released into the body, which enter the liver and kidneys through the blood, thereby creating a sharp load on them. The kidneys and liver can not cope with such a sharp load, as they are often clogged with various kinds of accumulated waste products of the body throughout life. Then comes the intoxication of the body, and this or that malaise can occur from this.

  From sick kidneys, back pain can go, and many more ailments appear. And so, we take a flat coil and apply it for 20-30 minutes to the lower back (on the first day of treatment for 10-15 minutes). Or apply a torus (of your choice) for 10 minutes for each kidney (on the first day of treatment for 5 minutes). And so every other day (we recommend even alternating every other day with a flat coil and TOP in order to increase the effect). Be sure to observe the urine, when it darkens, treatment should be stopped for 5 days. And then continue the course of treatment until the total treatment time is 2 weeks. As a rule, two weeks is enough to clean the kidneys - this is 7-8 irradiation with coils.

  If you need to urgently treat some other organ, except the liver and kidneys, then their cleaning can be reduced to 2-3 days, and then it simply continues in parallel with the treatment of the diseased organ. Watch only your condition.

 Be careful at the beginning of treatment, avoid overdose of radiation! In the first few days, try only half the dose that is indicated in the methodology and monitor your condition. Next is the technique:

Methods for treating a specific disease with Mishins coils

Verified repeatedly on real patients!


How to use coils

The first two weeks only work with the kidneys. So that the body can remove the remnants of diseases, it is necessary that the body filters work well. One of the main filters is the kidneys. Therefore, the first two weeks you need to put a flat coil at a minimum power of up to 10 min for each kidney. Use every other day.

Do not overdo on time of use. If a large amount of toxins immediately leaves the body, you may feel bad, kidneys may hurt. If there were chronic diseases, exacerbations may occur. The first two weeks to use no more than 20 minutes a day.

Take breaks. When we apply coils, the body works in a different environment. You need to take breaks so that he returns to his normal state. After 2 weeks of using coils, take a break for a week.

Alternate coils. Put a flat coil and a torus on the kidneys and chest for up to 60 minutes every other day. For example, one day 30 minutes flat on the chest and 15 minutes on the kidneys, and after a day, 30 minutes on the chest and flat 15 minutes on the kidneys. Once a week, we recommend applying coils to the throat to work out the thyroid gland.

If sick, use the ambulance. Ambulance mode - use up to twice a day in the morning and evening. Lay the coil for 30-40 minutes on the chest, for 10-15 minutes on the kidneys and with the TOROM coil, work out the throat and nose for 15-20 minutes. In order for the body to remove residues from foreign structures faster, it is advisable to drink acidified teas.

No matter where the coil is on the body, it still has a complex effect on the whole body. But the main places where we put the coils are the chest, lower back, stomach and throat.

When getting rid of diseases, it is enough to use coils 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy body.


Disease Treatment

Colds and Flu                  

 Flat coil - 20 minutes on the chest and 20 minutes on the kidneys. We use 2-3 days in the morning and in the evening. Tip: Drink acidified teas.


Thor -15-20 minutes on the throat. We use 2-3 days in the morning and in the evening.



Physical injury        

Flat coil (can be alternated with a torus) - 15-20 minutes to a damaged place. We use 1-2 times a day until healing.

Arthrosis, Osteoarthrosis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis    

  These are cholesterol plaques that grow, often from insufficient blood supply to the joints. It all depends on the specific case. Flat coil - 30-40 minutes on the chest and abdomen. We use 2-3 months a day every other day. After 2 weeks of use, a week break.

Prostatitis, Prostate Adenoma   

The cause of prostatitis and similar problems is the problem of blood filtration by the kidneys. Because of this, toxins accumulate. The accumulation of toxins causes prostate irritation, as she, like a sponge, “absorbs” all this. Flat coil (can be alternated with a torus) - 30-40 minutes on the kidneys, lower abdomen and tailbone. We use the day every other day until recovery.

Diabetes mellitus I and II   

Flat coil - 30-40 minutes on the chest and abdomen. We use it every other day. After 2-3 weeks of use, a week break.

Kidneys, kidney stones, pyelonephritis   

Back pain comes from the kidneys. Flat coil- 20-30 minutes for the lower back or Thor - 10 minutes for each kidney. We use 1-2 times a day every other day. The color and smell of urine indicates the number of toxins in the blood. Take breaks for a week with sufficient darkening.


Gallstones, gallstones, cholecystitis

Thor - 15 min to the gallbladder area. We use it every other day. After 2-3 weeks of use, a week break.


Flat coil - 30-40 minutes on the chest and abdomen. We use it every other day. After 2 weeks of use, a week break.

Varicose veins, blackening of the fingers 

Flat coil - 30 min to problem areas. We use it several times a day until healing.

Scars, scar tissue 

Flat coil (can be alternated with a torus) - 15-20 minutes to damaged areas. We use 1-2 times a day until healing.

Headaches, Migraines

A lot of problems with headaches are associated with poor blood supply. If headaches do not go away: Thor - 10 minutes for each kidney. We use it once a day.

Nicotine addiction 

Flat reel - 30-40 min per back. We use it once a day. Relieves toxic in an hour, can break through a cough. Well, then pull it into your mouth or not - it depends on the ability to control your body.

Hernia, protrusion of the vertebral discs The pain should be removed, but we cannot restore the mechanics with its direct deformation. Hernia: there were cases when fresh hernias decreased sharply over the week, but there were cases when the process was very weak. We try a flat coil (you can alternate with a torus) for 30-40 minutes to the area of ​​problem areas. We use it every other day.

VVD, Panic attacks 

Flat coil - 30-40 minutes on the chest, abdomen. We use it every other day.<

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