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Massage oils

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Massage oils were first used many centuries ago. It is believed that their use started in Egypt, India and China where they're very popular till now. Nowadays in shops you can find hundreds of choices of massage oils. We offer you organic and 100 % natural oils from Russia.

Types of massage oils

Massage oil

The oils you can find in supermarkets or online-stores are made of different materials. Some of them are used for kids, others for people with gentle skin. There are softening, anti cellulite, anti stress oils. If you want you can find an oil without odor or, vise versa, with strong smell. The choice of an oil depends on your skin type, your tastes and the type of massage you choose.

In our store you can choose from several variants:

  • warming;
  • anti cellulite;
  • for face cupping massage;
  • for cupping massage with anti cellulite effect.

All of them have natural essential oils in composition.

Popular ingredients

The most popular ingredients for almost all types of massage oils are almond, sunflower and jojoba oils that are used as a basic element. Almond is one of the most “neutral” hypoallergenic elements that help to fight various skin issues and is especially good for dry skin.

Jojoba oil is known to have a strong antibacterial effect and is highly recommended to people suffering from back acne. It is not irritating the skin and has a long “life” so you can choose it if you don't plan to use the oil often.

The best thing about sunflower oil is that it is so light that don't leave the skin with oily feeling. It is extremely useful for a skin but can quickly turn rancid. To prolong the term of use of the oil, add several drops of vitamin E.

Essential oils used as additional ingredients can vary depending on massage oil purpose. Those made from juniper are perfect in improving blood circulation and skin recovery processes. Lavender and lime oils do a good service in normalizing metabolism and decreasing the level of fat. Wormwood is good in “burning” fat as well. To get the maximum effect in fighting cellulite, use electric vacuum massagers.

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