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Massage oil warming for 200 ml

Massage oil warming  for 200 ml
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Anticellulite massage warming  oil 200 ml.





Massage oil warming Green Pharmacy Elf


Designed for massage to warm up the skin.


Active ingredients: almond oil, essential oils of orange, cinnamon and black pepper.

Almond oil provides good glide hands and light absorbency, no stickiness on the skin after completion of the massage.

Orange essential oil enhances lymphatic drainage action that helps to eliminate toxins and eliminate edema.

Essential oils of cinnamon and black pepper stimulate microcirculation, which improves the supply of tissue pitatalnymi substances and enhances the regenerative processes.


How to use: apply for any type of massage. Before applying to the skin warm in his hands.



The volume of 200ml



 Can be used all over the body after sport or only to the sore muscles.


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