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Massage oil anticellulite for cuppung massage 250 ml

Massage oil anticellulite for  cuppung massage 250 ml
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Anticellulite massage oil.


Siberian healer AGAFYA Ermakova advises against the use for anticellulite massage  oils of juniper and sage and natural extract of black pepper.


Juniper essential oil helps to regenerate tissue and prevents scarring. Effectively cleans and smoothes the skin.

The essential oil of wormwood has the property of "burn" fat, normalizes the hydro-lipid balance. Improves skin tone. Anti-inflammatory effect.

Black pepper has a local irritant effect, which increases the blood circulation in the skin. Speeds up the metabolism.

In Russia, widely used all sorts natural oils that contain natural extracts of medicinal plants and herbs. They were used for nervous tension or to raise the tone, skin rejuvenation, or simply to relieve fatigue in the legs. The most popular special oils  for  russian banya (sauna) .


The active ingredients


Essential oils of juniper and sage, black pepper extract.




Vaseline oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, rosehip oil, essential oil of juniper essential oil of wormwood, black pepper extract, an antioxidant.





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