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Magnetic nozzle #1 for Vacuum anti cellulite massager for lymphatic drainage

Magnetic nozzle #1 for Vacuum anti cellulite massager for lymphatic drainage
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You can buy additional magnetic roller for this massager.




One-roller and three-roller magnetic nozzles allow to carry out simultaneously a magnetotherapy and vacuum massage.

 In parallel located three magnetic rollers grasp superficial sites of a skin and skin "folds" which "are rolled" in a direction of moving of a vacuum nozzle are formed. Besides, in the center there is a magnetic roller with lots on Archimedes spiral thanks to what occurs also radially-cross-section massage of a processed muscle. As a result of reusable moving of a skin its blood-groove raises in deeper layers of derma. The probability of a trauma of vessels, that is capillaries and veins, is shown to a minimum. The dosed out influence of a local decompression and cyclic movings of rollers on lymphatic vessels causes their expansion and increase of outflow of a lymph from sckin (effect of a lymphatic drainage). Mechanical influence on the subordinated skeletal and smooth muscles raises their tone (mechanical lifting) and a tone of peripheral vessels. Thus venous outflow and a metabolism of all layers of a skin amplifies that in itself is preventive maintenance of formation of folds. As a result the muscular tone and morbidity in muscles progressively decrease, there is a sensation of ease, functions of an internal and systems amplify.





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