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LLLT Quantum Therapy device VITYAZ Optical Nozzles

LLLT Quantum Therapy device VITYAZ Optical Nozzles
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The apparatus " Vityaz" is, as a matter of fact, a domestic doctor which assists to an organism to be restored in it's primordial state. It is not an analog of medicine or physiotherapy which helps to remove an attack of illness. Vityaz (analog RIKTA)  is a unique device permitting to eliminate not only displays of illness, but its initial reason.
The last medical researches proves that with its help it is possible to cure more than 200 illnesses - and 92 persons from 100 forget about their problems forever. The organism not simply expels illnesses from itself, but also the genetically memory reduces the decayed resources. Medical researches are still in progress and in leading Russian clinics and in the Center of quantum medicine, the list of illnesses, which can be cured by the apparatus " Vityas " extends continuously. Some sessions - and you will forget such illnesses as paradontosis, prostatitis, baldness, strabismus and many other known illnesses. It is not necessary to visit doctors anymore: " Vityaz " is your domestic doctor of any specialization. It is a gynecologist, a cardiologist, pediatrist and even a veterinarian. And it is absolutely innocuous and is applicable even for infants.
Any person can use it. And no more tablets, hospitals and long routines in the physiotherapeutic cabinet - the organism will do everything itself. As a matter of fact, it is possible to compare " Vityaz " apparatus to the whole clinic: to cure 200 different illnesses the huge hospital with the whole medical staff and expensive equipment is required. For those who has gained " Vityas ", there is a possibility to combine all this in one small apparatus. For eight years of existence in the market hundred thousands of people have purchased the apparatus of quantum therapy " Vityaz ".


The small-sized apparatus, is simple in management and work 
Microprocessor control operating modes 
Automatic control of work on the chosen regimen 
Detailed, methodical management convenient for perception for work with the apparatus 
Sound and light indication of all operating modes of the apparatus 
The built in self-checking of working capacity of the apparatus 
Laser radiation power of the red bandwidth (650 nm) - 5mW 
Laser radiation power of the infrared bandwidth (810-880 nm) - 5mW 
Trine of operating conditions set up - 5sec 
Overall dimensions of the apparatus - 240/45/64 mm 
Number of the algorithm programmable therapeutic regimens - 5 
AC power supply - 220 V, 50 Hz 
Power consumption - 15 W 
Weight - 0.95 kg 
/ Color of the device not necessarily white / 
It is important to emphasize that therapy with Low Level Laser (LLLT) Vityaz does not exclude other conventional medical treatment. On the contrary, combining it with other treatment may result in rapid recovery and may enable the reduction in doses of conventional drug consumption. A laser focuses light with various wavelengths. High intensity Lasers generate heat and are commonly used in surgery. Low level lasers have a positive effect on bodily tissues. 
+ Laser Acupuncture 
A focused laser beam produces a response similar to a needle but is 
No risk of infection 
Safe to do yourself at home 
Laser acupuncture mildly activates acupuncture points without needles. With the Vityaz you get all the benefits if acupuncture without the discomfort. Points are located easily with the Vityaz using the treatment guide and lights on top to guide you. 
Device of quantum therapy "VITYAZ" include: 
"Methodical Application Guide" + "Methodical Manual on Reflexotherapy" 
/ These 2 English manual are delivered on CD / 

***For US customers the adapter is necessary for converting US voltage 110V AC to 220-240V AC 

Scope - Gynecology, Proctology 

Length nozzles (mm)------------------150 
Diameter the bases (mm)--------------15±0,05 
The connecting size of a radiator (mm)---M24 
Corner at top of a cone (hailstones) * ---- 0
 Factor of a transparency in a range from 600 nanometers up to 870 nanometers (%) * --- 70-75 
Scope -Stomatology, otolaryngology, reflexotherapy 
Length nozzles (mm)------------------100
Diameter the bases (mm)--------------15±0,05 
The connecting size of a radiator (mm)---M24 
Corner at top of a cone (hailstones) * ---- 9 
Factor of a transparency in a range from 600 nanometers up to 870 nanometers (%) * --- 55-60 

Scope - Stomatology, otolaryngology 

Length nozzles (mm)------------------75 
Diameter the bases (mm)--------------15±0,05 
The connecting size of a radiator (mm)---M24 
Corner at top of a cone (hailstones) * ---- 25 
Factor of a transparency in a range from 600 nanometers up to 870 nanometers (%) * --- 70-75 * - help sizes 


The application area:

SURGERY. Traumatic and Operative Wounds Infiltrates, Panaritia, Hydradenitis without Suppuration Signs Abscesses, Phlegmons, Furuncles, Hidradenitis, Carbuncles, any Processes with Suppuration Signs Burns and Frostbites Endarteritis Obliternas. Atherosclerosis of Lower Extremities' Vessels Lower Extremities Varicosis Trophic Ulcer ofVaricosis or other Origin Raynaud's Disease (Raynaud's Syndrome) Post-operation Enteroparesis.

DISEASES OF JOINTS. TRAUMATA. Vertebral Column. Osteochondrosis. Myositis. Clavicular-Humeroscapular Zone Subacrominal Bursitis. Humeroscapular Periarthritis. Humeral Articulation. Elbow Joint. Lateral Epicondylitis ("Tennis Elbow") Medial Epicondylitis ("Golf Elbow") Radiocarpal Articulation. Small Articulations of Fingers Hip Joint. Arthritis. Arthrosoarthritis. Knee Joint. Talocrural Articulation. Small Joints of Foot. Calcaneal Spur Injure of Joints` Ligamentus Apparatus. Traumatic Bones' Fractures. Arthritis and Arthrosis of Temporomaridibular Articulation.

OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGIC DISEASES. Acute Rhinitis Chronic Rhinitis Vasomotor Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Subatrophic Rhinitis Pharyngitis Stenosis-Free Laryngotracheitis Laryngotracheitis with no more than I Degree Stenosis Acute catarrhal otitis. Acute suppurative otitis. Chronic mesotympanitis. Tympanoplasty Operations on the Substitution of PE Transplant for Auditory Ossicles: the MIL-therapy during the Post-operative Period Otosclerosis. Meniere's Disease. Sinusitis Maxillary Sinusitis Frontal Sinusitis Acute Tonsillitis. Exacerbation of Chronic Tonsillitis. Lacunar Angina. Tinnitus, and Weak Hearing.

STOMATOLOGY. Acute Gingivostomatitis. Gingivitis. Parodontosis. Acute Pulpitis. Chronic pulpitis exacerbation. Chronic Granulating Periodontitis. Jaw Fractures.

Ischemia. Stenocardia of I and II Functional Class. Cardalgia of Unclear Etiology. Syndromes of Small and Large Thoracal Muscles. Cardiomyopathy. Ischemia. Stenocardia of III and IV Functional Class. Myocardial Infarct. Arrhithmiae. Acquired Valvular Disease. Myocarditis. Myocardiodystrophy. Hypertension. Arterial Hypertension. Cervical Migraine. Eye- and Headaches against a Background of Arterial Pressure Increase. Arrhythmiae: general approach.

PULMONOLOGY. Acute Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Bronchiolitis. Chronic Pneumoniae. Chronic Bronchitis. Bronchial Asthma.
GASTROENTEROLOGY. Acute and Chronic Liver Diseases. Infectious Hepatitis. Liver Fatty Degeneration. Liver Cirrhosis. Acute, Chronic Cholecystitis. Billiary Tracts Dyskinesia. Acute Pancreatitis. Chronic Pancreatitis. Pancreanecrosis. Gastric Ulcer. Peptic Ulcer. Duodenitis. Cicatricial Changes of Duodenal Bulb. Chronic, Nonspecific Colitis. Constipation.
GYNECOLOGY. Endometritis. Salpingooforitis. Cervical Erosion. Functional Disturbances of Menstrual Cycle in Reproductive Age. Hyperplastic Diseases, Endometria. Retention Ovary Cysts. Some Forms of Sterility. Algomenorrhea. Pelvic Pain. Spastic Processes. Endometriosis Mastitis Prevention. Mastitis' Treatment. Hypogalactia. Dishormonal Mastopathy. Fibroadenomatosis.
UROLOGY, NEPHROLOGY. Acute Prostatitis. Chronic Prostatitis. Uretritis. Acute Cystitis. Chronic Cystitis. Acute, Chronic Pielonephritis. Acute, Chronic Glomerulonephritis. Enuresis. Encopresis. Urolithiasis. Renal Colic (Cupping).
PROCTOLOGY. Hemorrhoids. Anal Pruritus Anus Fissures.
NEUROLOGYVertebral Insufficiency of Different Origin. Consequences of Cerebral Circulation Disturbance Neuropathy (Neuritis) of Ophthalmic Nerve Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia. Trigeminal Nerve Neuropathy. 157 Vegetovascular Dystonia.(VVD) Meurocirculatory Dystonia.(NCD) Chronic Neurological Displays. Root Pains. Asthenic States of any Etiology. Depressive States of any Etiology Delirium Tremens and Abstinence Syndrome. Chronic Alcoholism. Stammering. Logoneurosis. Epilepsy.
DERMATOLOGY. Eczema. Neurodermitis. Toxicodermia. Psoriasis. Itching dermatosis.
ENDOCRINOLOGY. Diffusive Growth of Thyroid Gland with Moderate Thyrotoxicosis Signs. Diabetes Mellitus.
OPHTHALMOLOGY. Acute Conjunctivitis. Ophthalmia. Light Strabismus. Light Vision Weakness. Eye Fatigue.
PEDIATRICS. General Somatic Stimulation for Children over 3 years old. Children's Gastroenterology. Children's Diseases of Kidneys and Urinary Tracts.
3 addtional nozzles  + protective glasses    +  english operating nanual + shipping    FREE
For US customers - You can buy converter (Adapter) 110V to 220V on-line 


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