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Set # 3 LIVE SINUS 6 with a large universal (3 in 1) Mishin reel

Set # 3 LIVE SINUS 6 with a large universal (3 in 1) Mishin reel
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Set # 3 LIVE SINUS 6 with a large universal (3 in 1) Mishin reel

An excellent set with a large 22.5 cm coil. Material of coil - ABS plastic

English manual in english in PDF

The set includes the new LIVE SINUS 6 generator – an innovative highly efficient vortex implosive electric field physiotherapy apparatus. The generator implements the mode of complex (AM + FM) dynamic Fibonacci modulation in accordance with A. Mishin’s recommendations.

In addition, the generator has an additional function of contact antiparasitic bioresonance – the Zapper mode, implemented in in accordance with the recommendations of A.N. Mishin to improve the efficiency of this type of devices (can be purchased separately by request).

Large universal coil 22.5 cm (3 in 1). The coil is wound from expensive, high-quality MGTF wire (copper stranded with fluoroplastic insulation This option significantly improves the parameters of the coil and, accordingly, increases the strength of the electric component of the field (statics). The electrical Q-factor of the coil (in the low-voltage version) is approximately 110-120. Coil type in this case, it is determined only by the external connection – if the coil is connected directly to the generator, then it works as a low-voltage capacitive.

If the coil is connected to the generator via a color-coded cable, then (in depending on the cable used) it works either as a high-voltage capacitive (, or as static. the buyer this is a tangible savings – for the price of one we get three fundamentally different coils in action, albeit in the same case. Switching modes takes seconds. The cable for high-voltage capacitive mode has a color BLUE marking.

In high-voltage capacitive mode, the magnetic component of the field is reduced by 80-90 times, and the electrical component (static) is increased by 3-5 times. The usual field indicator with a coil is usually off in this mode.

In this version of the device, the static mode cable is not included in the basic set. Reasons: high voltage capacitive mode takes all the best from low voltage capacitive and high voltage static modes, while free of their drawbacks. The level of the electric component of the field (“static”) in the high-voltage capacitive mode is practically the same as in the static mode, i.e. in fact, the static mode has lost its relevance. And, in order not to confuse users with many options, it was decided to exclude the cable for static mode from the kit. However, for those wishing to use high voltage static mode – such a cable can be purchased separately by request.

Package includes:
  • LIVE SINUS 6 generator;
  • large universal Mishin coil 22.5 cm (3 in 1);
  • Mishin’s capacitive coil – torus;
  • indicator of the electromagnetic component of the field (gray);
  • indicator of the electric component of the field (green color);
  • connecting cables for connection in two different modes;
  • power supply;

Voltage requirements:

Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK  you will need  converter  110v to 220V

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC. 

You can buy converter on Ebay for 10$

The instruction is in English language in PDF .

Free shipping worldwide.

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