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An active reprinter device «Life Transfer» is designed for energyinformation transfer (re-recording) of medicinal properties of various preparations (homeopathicpreparations, nosodes, organbased preparations, toxins, etc.) from ampules and homeopathic
grits to different carriers. Under the concept of energy-information transfer of properties of various homeopathic preparations
(nosodes, organ specific and classic homeopathic medicines), the process of their copying (re-recording) to different inert carriers bymeans of special technical devices is considered.
Our device is an active reprinter. An active reprinter differs from a passive reprinter by the fact that the passive one re-records 1: 1, and the active one re-records with the gain from 0.1 to 10 that allows to change the dosage of a preparation from 1 up to 8 ampules. Our reprinter allows to prepare direct and inverse copies of preparations. The active reprinter «Life Transfer» with operator’s protective block. In addition, this reprinter is a fundamentally new development, as it uses a principle of protecting a doctor from the electromagnetic field that arises inevitably during the process of transfer of energy-information properties of medicines and that can lead to the emergence of "information disease" of the last one for a certain period. It means that our device is safety for an operator. 

Technical characteristics

Device operation mode – automatic.

Types of transfer – direct, with inversion.

Dosages level – from 0.1 up to 10 with the smooth adjustment in a specified range.

Power supply – USB (+5В) low voltage computer port. 

Front panel: 1. LED signal of the end of information transfer mode.

2. «Reset» button – to reset information stored in the device about the previous preparation.

3. Handle to adjust smoothly the dosage of potency.

4. Display of indication of modes, potency level and timer operation.

5. Time controller of the re-recording process. 6. Power supply «Switch on» LED.

7. Container for placing a preparation and a socket for connecting a "source/transmitter" of information without inversion of information properties.

8. Container for placing a preparation and a socket for connecting a "source/transmitter" of information with inversion of information properties.

9. Container for placing a preparation and a socket for connecting a "receiver" for recording potentiating information.

English manual included in set.

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