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Life balance 2.0 - new version portable device for bioresonance therapy

Life balance 2.0  - new version portable device for bioresonance therapy
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                                                        LIFE BALANCE 2.0 - new version    +WebWellness top-up - 10€



Release carefully a case from a protective cover and open. Check out the complete set of the device.

The Life Balance device set includes:
- expandable quick launch booklet
- Life Balance device
- wireless charger
- gift purse for the device
- network adapter with cable
- silicone case with lace
- case for carrying on a hand
- user manual and list of programs

Using an auxiliary loop, remove the device carefully, look over and check it for integrity. Holding the POWER button for 3 seconds, turn on the device. When you switch on the device, you should pay attention to the battery level, which will be displayed after switching on. With a low charge, the device has to be charged.

To charge the device, remove the wireless charger, cord and power supply from the case, connect carefully the micro-USB output connector to the round wireless charging module, and connect the USB input connector to the power supply, or to the USB port of the computer. Place accurately the Life Balance on the surface of the round module. If the device is placed correctly, then wireless charging will be indicated by a blue backlight.

During charging, the device displays the percentage of charge.

We recommend not to allow a deep battery discharge, not to leave the device discharged for a long time, as this may lead to the battery failure that is not a warranty case.


When switching on for the first time, the device must be activated once. To do this, you need the WebWellness mobile application that can be installed from Google Play, AppStore, or using the QR-code entered on the expandable quick launch booklet.

Take your smartphone, open the Play Market or AppStore, in the search field in the upper corner of the screen, enter the name of the application "WebWellness". When the application is found, install it.
Next, switch on Bluetooth on your phone and launch the WebWellness app.
For authorization, you need to enter a username and password from the Business Process Technologies Business Center or from the WebWellness express testing program.

Switch on Life Balance by long pressing the power button. Please, note that the blue LED flashes in the left corner of the indicator. This indicates that the Bluetooth on the device is switched on.
In the WebWellness application, enter the Life tab and click on the Life Balance button.
Press the FIND DEVICE button, which is displayed under the Bluetooth sign. (If the phone asks for permission of the application for access to Bluetooth, allow it).
After some time, the device found will be displayed in the list that you need to select.

Expect successful verification and connection of Life Balance to the WebWellness app, activation will occur automatically!


The device is controlled by touching the housing. A device display is equipped with Left/Right and plus/minus control buttons.

Switch on the activated device holding the Power button for 3 seconds.
After a sound notification that the device is ready for use, press the plus or minus buttons to select a program. With this selection of programs, the numbers are sorted one by one. When you hold the button, searching numbers is accelerated. After 5 seconds, the selected program will automatically start (you can also press the Right button to start the program without waiting).

You can find the list of programs in the booklet that is provided together with the device.

A quick program selection is also available.

After a sound notification that the device is ready for use, press the Right button () to activate the first segment of the indicator.
Use the plus or minus buttons to select a number from 0 to 9.
Pressing the Right button again fixes the selected number and activates the next segment of the indicator.
After 5 seconds, the selected program will automatically start (you can also press the Right button to start the program without waiting).
During the program execution, a characteristic animation is displayed on the indicator.
When you click on any of the buttons, the time until the end of the session in minutes is displayed. If less than a minute is left before the end of the session, the device displays the remaining time in seconds.
To pause the program, press the Power button twice. After that, a pause and the time until the end of the session will be displayed on the screen.

To continue the program, press the Power button twice again.
Please, note that if the pause is delayed up to 20 minutes, the device will switch off automatically to save battery power.
Pressing the Power button three times during the program execution unlocks the keyboard and allows you to select the effect intensity. At this time, the letter “P” and a number from one to 5 are displayed on the indicator.

After the end of the program, the device gives a sound notification about the end of the session and switches off automatically.
Forced shutdown of the device is carried out by a long press of the Power button.

Control the device using your phone.

The device is much more convenient to control using the WebWellness mobile application.
The first tab of the control section of the Life Balance device - Programs.

The first button opens the frequently used programs section. Here you will see the programs that you have used earlier.
There are antiparasitic, harmonizing and rehabilitating programs below.

To start, enter the desired section, find the desired program manually or by searching. Next, click the Play button. The device will notify you of the session start, and the information on the program or complex being executed will be displayed on the smartphone screen in the application: name, duration of the session. In the same window, you can pause the program, stop the session, and also switch off the sound of the device. This can be useful, if you go to bed and don’t want an alert of the session end to wake you up.

By clicking on the complexes button, you will see three sections.

Compiled manually - all the complexes that have been made for this device in the WebWellness program in the Programmer section are displayed here.
Compiled automatically - an auto complex compiled by the WebWellness program based on the results of rapid testing is displayed here.

Additional paid complexes - this is your opportunity to supplement the basic programs of the device with exclusive complexes compiled by the manufacturer and expand the total number of programs to six hundred. To do this, click to Download 300 additional paid complexes from the manufacturer.
The payment will be charged to the balance of your WebWellness express test program account.
The second tab - “General” displays information about the battery charge, the connected device, the program version, the device serial number, whether paid programs are activated, the end date for the device renting, if it is rented, and the device memory capacity.
If you forgot where you put your device, then click the red button “Find the device”. If the device is switched on, it will emit a signal.
By selecting the Settings, you can set the signal intensity, the time when the device switches off automatically if idle, the time on the frequency and adjust the sound. When adjusting the sound, you can choose, in addition to melodic signals, voice accompaniment in Russian or English, as well as set the volume.
Below, you can reset to factory settings, as well as view information about the system and check for updates.
The History tab displays the chronology of starting programs on the device with identification of the program number, name, session date and time, and program execution status.

In order to program the auto complex, log in to the WebWellness program, select Complexes. Select the Express Test from the list and click to Record via cloud, which is located in the line on the right. In the text box of the pop-up window, you should enter the serial number of the device, into which you want to record the complex via the cloud. This number is displayed in the application in the General tab.
To display the serial number on the device indicator, just press the Power button four times after switching on. After that, “SN” will be displayed on the screen, followed by a serial number of three digits.
If you entered the serial number correctly and clicked the Record into the device button, information about it will appear in the General section.
If the device is switched on and connected to the application, then by clicking on the Download button, you can download it into the device.

The new and improved version of Life Balance has a number of advantages.

- bluetooth

- the ability to control the device using a mobile application

- the ability to record programs and complexes remotely

- 300 programs recorded on the device

+100 antiparasantic

+100 harmonizing

+100 recovery 

- It is possible to record up to 600 programs and 100 complexes with a total duration of 3600 minutes

Upon request, I can send you a list of programs including over 600 programs. which you can download to your device

 In set included

- device Life Balance 2.0

- a cover for carrying on a neck

- a cover for carrying on a hand

-wireless charger

-network adapter

-  bag


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