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Uzormed laser 405 nm Portable device for the treatment and prevention of diseases in otolaryngology and dermatology.

Uzormed  laser 405 nm  Portable  device for the treatment and prevention of diseases in otolaryngology and dermatology.
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The therapeutic factors of the Uzormed®-405 magnetic laser therapy apparatus are continuous laser radiation from near long-wave ultraviolet radiation to blue light with a central wavelength of 400-410 nm, a constant magnetic field.

The light of ultraviolet laser radiation is successfully used to treat acute inflammatory processes and improve the immunological situation during acute infectious diseases, as well as to treat skin and some other diseases.

Ultraviolet rays help to dissolve and reduce the activity of inflammatory processes, improve the regeneration process, normalize muscle tone, reduce pain, have a bactericidal effect, and also have a beneficial effect on the nervous and immune systems.

The device of magnetic laser therapy "Uzormed® - 405" is indicated for the treatment of skin diseases (dermatitis, dermatoses), ENT organs, acute respiratory diseases and exacerbations of chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, is effective for improving immune activity during infectious diseases, has a therapeutic effect on muscles and soft tissues (myositis, trauma, bruises, fatigue), and is also used to improve the condition of the skin, accelerates the rehabilitation process after cosmetic operations and manipulations.

The device of magneto-laser therapy "Uzormed® - 405" is effective, convenient and compact, and the ease of use allows you to carry out a course of health and beauty treatments at home, on the road or on vacation.

Laser therapy has contraindications. Before use, you should consult with your doctor.

Indications for use.

1.Skin diseases (dermatoses, dermatitis);

2. Cosmetological problems (improvement of skin condition, condition after cosmetic operations and manipulations);

3. ENT diseases (acute rhinitis, acute pharyngitis, otitis externa, acute otitis media, acute respiratory disease, acute tonsillitis);

4. Immunological problems (increased immune activity in the acute period of infectious diseases);

4. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (muscle pain (myositis, overwork, fibromyalgia), trauma and bruises, accompanied by swelling and pain).

Technical characteristics of the device "Uzormed®-405"

Radiation wavelength, nm 405

Continuous radiation mode

 Radiation power, mW 120

Operating modes:

"Mode 1", radiation power, 50%

"Mode 2", radiation power, 100%

 Timer, min 5

 Input voltage of the mains adapter, V / Hz 100-242 / 50-60

 Maximum power consumed by the device from the network, VA, no more than 10

Set includes

Radiation unit "UzorMed®-405" - 1 piece.

Power adapter 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz - 5V, 500 mA - 1 pc.

Protective cover - 1pc.

Magnetic attachment MH - 1 pc.

Light guide nozzle PN - 1 pc.

Light-guide attachment NS-K - 1 pc.

Cover for the device - 1pc.

Passport and operation manual - 1 pc.

Methodical manual - 1pc.

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