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LAMINARIA natural algae for body wraps anti cellulite cleansing 1 kg for SPA

LAMINARIA natural algae for body wraps anti cellulite cleansing  1 kg for SPA
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Natural products from sea algae Laminaria for the SPA procedures 1 kg from Russia (White Sea in Solovki )


The suggested cosmetic products are produced on the modern enterprise that is specializing in deep processing of sea algae. The unique technologies are mastered and introduced to produce world-class products. Quality control is carried out in the preparation stages of raw materials, in the maintenance of the technology of extraction, drying and processing. Modern technologies and strict control of production of pharmaceutical substances in combination with the raw materials, extracted in an ecologically clean area of ​​the White Sea in Solovki ( Russia), allows to produce the cosmetic products of high quality, standing out with its naturalness and ecological cleanliness.

 Laminariya thallus

Laminaria-Digitata – is the leader of the European cosmetics market, perennial, length more than two meters.
Laminaria is included in the vast majority of professional cosmetics. Alginates, mannitols, sea salt, micro-and macronutrients, iodine, fatty acids, vitamins, and a pleasant surface of algae and the scent of the sea will provide you a 100% SPA-procedure and excellent results.



Algae body wrap - one of the most famous and beloved procedures in the treatment of cellulite among women. The effect of body wrap can be felt and seen immediately: skin becomes smooth and elastic, plain relief of the "orange peel" is smoothed.  There will be a steady decrease of the size, improves microcirculation, increases skin elasticity, straightens the skin relief.


Dry laminaria blades are dark moccasin or deep brown. From above the blade is covered with the white salt bloom, has a strong, slightly bitter marine scent.


For a complete (whole body) wrap you will need 200-250 grams of dry laminaria and 4-5 liters of water. To prepare algae for the procedure, drop it into clean, warm but not hot water, for water to cover the algae. No need to soak algae in advance, 0-25 minutes is enough.
After soaking in water laminaria leaf is straightened, its color becomes lighter. The part of the salt on the surface of the sheet is dissolved in water, the sea scent becomes less concentrated and more soft, to the scent of the sea is added the scent of iodine vapor. The surface of laminaria is covered with gelatinous substance. This is agar-agar. During the body wrap it helps to ensure maximum contact of the skin with the algae, and activates the process of absorption of nutrients.




During the staying in water, algae came alive, enlarged in size. Divide the algae into two parts. The half the leaves put on pre-prepared film and thermoblanket for the back, without removing the jelly layer. The second half spread on the body from the chest without removing the jelly layer. Wrap the tape around the body, and cover with the blanket. The recommended time to spent in "cocoon" is 40 - 60 minutes. Duration of procedure you should increase gradually. On completing the procedure and removal of algae you can take a shower or simply wipe skin with a humid towel.

Cosmetic effect:

- Anti-cellulite effect
- Activation of metabolism
- Modeling the figure
- Burning calories
- Elimination of toxins
- Lymph drainage
- Stimulation of the immune system
- Improvement of microcirculation
- Cleansing, skin rejuvenation
- Removal of the muscle fatigue
- Removal of stress and fatigue symptoms

Contraindications to algae body wrap:
Fevers, thyrotoxicosis, severe course of diabetes and hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system, intense varicose veins, thrombosis, cancer, sores. You cannot have body wrap during pregnancy, after recent surgery with the open sutures or if you have rash or scratches on the skin. Body wrap procedure is not recommended immediately after epilation. Algae body wraps are contraindicated to those who have hyperthyroidism of the thyroid gland, idiosyncrasy to iodine

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