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IOP tonometers

Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the pressure of fluid inside the eye. It can vary daily and even hourly depending on different factors, but the normal level of IOP is between 10-22 mmHg (millimeters of mercury — a scale for measuring the pressure). When the pressure is higher than normal, the person is thought to have ocular hypertension.

Why do you need to measure intraocular pressure

High intraocular pressure is first and the most important sign of glaucoma — eye disease that can cause blindness. The danger of ocular hypertension is that individual can't feel or see it — it doesn't hurt, eyes don't turn red, and there aren't any signs of a problem. The only symptom than can tell about the high pressure is fast fatigue of eyes — if it happens regularly, it can be caused by problems with pressure.

First steps doctors would usually take to treat hypertension is prescribing eye drops that reduce eye pressure. In cases when the drops are ineffective ophthalmologists try other methods, including glaucoma surgery. Anyway, treating hypertension is easier than fighting glaucoma which it can cause.

Benefits of using non-contact tonometers

IOP tonometers are mostly used in hospitals, emergency rooms, elderly homes and other medical institutions. There are many various types of this devices. When non-contact models were just invented, they were measuring pressure quite inaccurately and were used to scan eyes only for high OIP. But nowadays they became much more accurate and are widely used as safe and painless method.

Doctors and patients prefer non-contact devices because they:

  • give accurate results;
  • are absolutely safe and painless;
  • measuring doesn't take much time, and the patient doesn't have to take off contact lenses;
  • are perfect in situations when contact tonometry is impossible.

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