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Mishins coils equipment - Set sinus generators TGS-4A + Power Bank

Mishins coils  equipment - Set sinus generators TGS-4A + Power Bank
Product Code :Mishin coils sinus generators TGS-4A + Power Bank
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Original factory. certified autonomous sinus generators TGS-4A + Power Bank with automatic frequency control. New modification with honey plastic coils and recommendations for the use of the device,

Contents of delivery:

1.Sinus generator TGS-4A + Power Bank in a bag for carrying

2.Small coil - Tor (diameter 6.5 cm);

3.Large flat coil (diameter 14 cm);

4.Static field indicator with LED;

5.Charging with USB cable;

Mishin's coil TGS-4A + Power Bank with 2 coils and a static field indicator. Is a small-sized device made in a durable aluminum case. Inside the case are located: an electronic microprocessor control unit for the device, a generator of sinusoidal oscillations with a flexible cable connected to it with coils - emitters and the Power Bank itself. The principle of operation of the TGS-4A device is in the healing effect of the electrostatic field on cells and calming the central nervous system. 4A + Power Bank is suitable for use by both Athletes and tourists: it will remove muscle pain after exercise and reduce recovery time, promote good sleep, remove minor, purulent infections, and can also charge the gadget in the absence of a 220V network. control, you will always be aware of the remaining charge on the internal batteries, which will allow you to predict the order of using the device.

To use the device with Mishin's coil, you must insert the coil plug into the corresponding socket of the device. After that, several beeps will sound, and Mishin's coil will start working. Disconnection of Mishin's coil will occur automatically after 30 minutes.

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