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Life Animal - bio resonance therapy control of parasites body detox prevention of diseases - for cats dogs horses

Life Animal -  bio resonance   therapy control of parasites body detox prevention of diseases - for cats dogs horses
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Basic Technical Specifications

1. The device is designed as a portable single unit.

2. According to the National Standards of Ukraine 3798, the devices relate to products with the internal power supply (electric shock protection class- II).

3. The devices operate in standalone mode, without connection to the power supply.

4. Optimal climatic conditions for the device operation (in accordance with GOST 20790 for climatic category Boreal Climate 4.2):

·              at ambient temperature from 10oC to 35oC;

·              at relative humidity 80% and t 25oC;

5. Current consumption (depending on the radiation intensity level): from 10 to 40 mA.

6. The average mean time between failures: not less than 1,000 hours.

7. The complete period of service: not less than 5 years.

8. The time for setting an operational mode: no more than 5 sec.

9. The continuous work time depends on the selected radiation intensity level of the device and ranges from 3 to 8 hours.

10. Net weight – no more than 0.4 kg.






 Complete Set

1. Life Animal device – 1 pcs.

2. Manual (Certificate) – 1 pcs.

3. Package – 1 pcs.

4. Network adapter – 1 pcs.


The 21st century that we are now is a century of information technology and boundless opportunities.

However, the progress carries both pros and cons. Rampant development of every industrial sector and transportation has significantly affected yet critical environmental conditions on the Earth, with the foodstuff becoming considerably less healthy and even dangerous for consumption or drinking water becoming a mixture of chlorine and other impurities.

What impact has this ecological situation on our health? It caused our body to be daily attacked by viruses and bacteria. Even a person with a strong immune system is unprotected from bacteria, viruses, helminths or fungi penetrating the body. Only imagine that your body can be a home to 150 parasites of various types every minute damaging your health by intoxication, depressing your immune function and provoking allergy.

Slaggy body might give rise to chronic fatigue, low performance, headaches or recurrent colds. Over time, people have realized that there's need in technologies able to help the body in standing against such negative effects. As innovative fast-growing company, Business Process Technologies is seeking to implement high-tech IT products improving people's welfare all over the world.

A unique wellness system developed exclusively for Business Process Technologies is the outcome of multi-year scientific research and inventions. The system includes Life Balance device and Life Expert web clinic complex.

A current method applicable in the complex operation was developed in early 20th century.

In 1920, Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist, invented the world's first ultraviolet microscope and micro-manipulator. With the help of this sophisticated apparatus Rife was the first to see a virus alive. Rife was meticulous in identifying an individual radiation spectrum for every microbe by using spectrum properties. Then, he affected the virus by the frequency of its own causing resonance. Resonance would increase oscillation radiation, similar to two ocean waves intensifying each other when merging. That way, the scientist would multiply their natural oscillations until they died of radiation, though without any damage to surrounding tissues. Royal Raymond Rife called this frequency a 'Mortal Oscillatory Rate'.




These principles laid the basis for the unique complex - Life Balance, a harmonizing device, and Life Expert, a device for rapid screening and complex generation.

РџLife Balance is a portable wellness device for effectively killing parasites, detoxicating body and preventing from many disease. With the help of electromagnetic waves the frequency of which coincide with oscillations of microorganisms, Life Balance affects pathogenic microorganisms in our body and destroys them by intensifying these oscillations.

Device efficiency can be visually estimated with the dark-field microscope. We've put a Paramecium caudatum under the microscope and started the device program after several seconds.

As you can see, the device effect caused resonance and rupture of membrane.

Most importantly, these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe for the human body since the frequency of parasites' vital activities doesn't coincide with the frequency of human vital activities. Life Balance is completely safe for humans, only affecting parasites, and has no age restrictions for use.


PARASITES    Bio-resonance therapy for Parasites

Most people would love to dismiss any suggestion that they have Parasites within them, even doctors. But the reality is that most of the world’s 6 billion people are infected with Parasites.

Parasites and where they can be found in the human body

You may feel that parasites are not a problem in the USA so why look into treatment for parasites, however our therapists on a daily basis kill parasites that have infected their clients – with visible evidence in the stool. After Bio-resonance therapy for parasites symtoms may subside after a few days, some people have seen the evidence in the toilet bowl which proves to us that it really works. If you travel or live with people who travel, eat red meat or pork and chicken or have pets then it is probable that you have some parasites.

There are many types of parasitic worms (helminths) that use the human body as their host. These include roundworms, pinworms, hookworms and flatworms.

A 1995 estimate by the WHO of the number of people infected world-wide gave the following degree of infestation for specific parasitic species:


Toxoplasma gondii 50% infestation

Ascaris spp. 1.2 billion

Enterobius vermic./Oxyuris 1.2 billion

Trichuris trichiura 600 million

Ancylostoma duod. 500 million

Entamoeba histol. 500 million

Pneumocystis carinii 400 million

Obviously nowhere near all parasitic conditions are recognised as such. If we assume also a certain number of unrecorded cases, which is bound to be high, we can assume that at least 50% of the world’s population is infested with protozoa and helminths.

In general, all those with impaired immune systems are at risk, whether this condition is the result of stress factors or of immunosuppressive therapy, e.g. for primary chronic polyarthritis or multiple sclerosis. However, parasites may also contribute to hypoimmunity or even immune blocks in their host by fending off the human immune system. As a part of bioresonance therapy for parasites a good therapist will always strengthen the immune system before treatment, especially infants as well as the elderly and infirm are most at risk.


Treatment for parasites including intestinal roundworms, also called ascaris, are found in many parts of Asia and in the southern U.S. They frequently infect the lungs or intestines and can even be coughed up. The eggs produced by the adult worms are very resistant, and can live in soil in either freezing or hot dry weather. Bio-resonance therapy for ascaris worms include testing to see if you have them first. They are transmitted by contaminated food and a number of cases show that humans can become very ill after becoming infected after eating infected sushi. Please see an instance of Anisakis simplex here.


Pinworms are a fairly common infestation in children, and are very hard to control or eliminate without bioresonance treatment. The worms lives in the large intestine. The adult worm moves to the anus to lay thousands of eggs and often these eggs are transmitted from a child’s fingers from the itching anal area to the mouth, which can create a perpetual infestation. In addition, the eggs that are expelled may live in the external enviroment for months. As you can imagine, washing hands, keeping fingernails clean, and avoiding putting fingers in the mouth are all essential to breaking the Pinworms lifecycle. The good news is that bioresonance has proved an effective treatment for parasites and especially Pinworms. Watch a colonoscopy showing pinworms


Hookworms are parasites that live in the small intestine and suck blood from the host, causing anemia.  hookwormThe eggs are distributed in the soil, and after they hatch, the larvae are able to penetrate the intact skin of bare feet. The best prevention of this type of infestation is proper sanitation and wearing shoes in areas where soil is contaminated. If you want to check if you have hookworms the best method is bioresonance testing followed by a treatment for parasites using the Bicom Optima. This picture is courtesy of St.Bartholomews Hospital. For more information on Hookworm disease in humans, visit the World Health Organisation – Hookworm disease Also watch this video about a cat scratch infecting owner click here

Other roundworms

The small worm trichina is found in undercooked pork. After ingestion, the worm travels to the muscles of the host and causes a disease known as trichinosis. It is essential to remove trichina using the Life balance, an effective bio-resonance treatment for may parasites. Filaria is found in tropical areas such as Asia and the South Pacific. It is transmitted by bites from flies and mosquitoes. The worm grows in large numbers and can infect the lymphatic vessels, causing an enlargement of the scrotum and the lower extremitie


These include tapeworms, which are spread by infected improperly cooked meats. Tapeworms infect the intestine, but other flatworms may infect the blood, lungs or liver.

 Bioresonance treatment for parasites combined with herbal remedies can identify and treat the parasite their eggs and associated virus.


Ringworm or Tinea is a typically mild disease of the skin, scalp or nails caused by a fungus. Personal hygiene, supported by availability of adequate quantities of water are important preventive measures.

Ringworm On the scalp, ringworm begins in the form of a pimple or sore, which then spreads into a ring shape. Hair becomes brittle, breaking easily and falling out, leaving bald spots on the scalp. On the body, ringworm may first appear as red or pink, flat or slightly raised, patches on the skin. The circular sores may be dry or scaly crusted or moist. As the sores become larger, the central area clears, leaving a ring of infected tissue around the clear area. Infection in the nails usually begins at the site of an injured nail and may spread to the other nails. Infected nails become thick, pitted, grooved and abnormal in shape and colour.

A bioresonance practioner with a parasite database can identify if tinea or other parasites are present under the skin.

Fasciolopsis buski – intestinal flukes  Liver Fluke Fasciolopsis Buski Fasciolopsis buski, also called giant intestinal fluke, is a duodenal digenetic trematode, of the Fasciolidae family. It was described for the first time by Busk in the duodenum of a sailor in 1843 in London and its life cycle in humans was first described by Barlow in 1925. Mainly found in Southeast Asia and is found in water chesnuts, bamboo, water caltrops etc. The parasite fasciolopsis buski has been found in many people with cancer, so as a possible trigger, it is important to have bioresonance treatment for these parasites.

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