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Portable halo generator for halo salt therapy room

Portable halo generator for halo salt therapy room
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Halogenerator IONNA    

               Generator negative ion chloride sodium

                            Manufacturer: Ukraine

                                          English manual 

If you are plans to buy halohenerator  Ionna  I want to explain to you the  some nuances in order to avoid not understanding regarding this device. 

There are two types of halogenerators.

1.   Halogenerator - device to atomize tiny particles of salt in the air

2. This type of  halohenerators are medical device

3. Use only under medical supervision

4. There are contraindications and side effects

5. The price from $5000 to $10000 

Halogenerator  Ionna based on another principle of exposure :

1. It  is not a medical device - it is a household device

2. It does not saturate the air with particles of salt but with negative ions of sodium chloride (salt) and simulates the climate of a saline mine

3. Has a positive effect on health; contributes to the treatment of lung problems; it can be used continuously (does not require a course of treatment)

4. Does not create a salt coating on the furniture surface as a halogenerator of the first type.

5. It is necessary that the room in which you use it should have a minimum amount of synthetic materials in the decoration (carpet, plastic, vinyl - not desirable) . 

Thus - this is not a medical device - it is part of the lifestyle. It can be used in conditions, at home, office, salon every day. It will help you to be healthy and breathe easily!

Salt rooms (caves) for   your Health

As is well known, can not buy health. But at the same time, it is possible to acquire a series of procedures for immunity, prevention or treatment. One of the most popular ways of treatment - a treatment with salt.

Everyone knows the beneficial effects of sea air on the body. It's all about the salt secret. When you rest on the sea, you will "breathe" salt, which heals your body. The same effect is observed in the salt mines. This is due, mainly flying in the air of salt ions. Ions salts, through inhalation, affect the human body as a whole.

You can periodically go to the sea or in the salt mines, and you can order the construction of the room in his own home or cottage, or to attend treatment.


The air in the salt room is enriched with salt ions by halogenerators and the special design of the walls and ceiling. When you are in this room there is ventilation bronchi, lungs, relaxes all the organs of respiration. Those. our internal "filters" are cleansed, the blood, due to salt, recovers its formula, the immune system is strengthened. For proof of immunity, such procedures must be repeated periodically. Excellent opportunity to own this salt room, salt room in the office or in the workplace and, of course, salt room in the children's or medical institution.

Non-drug treatment

Because of this, it is possible for a long time to protect themselves, family members and children from frequent colds, coughs, bronchitis, itching in leather. At the same time strengthening the immune system is not due to the use of antibiotics and other drugs. Because of this, and you get rid of possible diseases caused by drug intake. As we see the salt treatment is the most comfortable, natural and affordable way to strengthen the immune system.

Salt room (cave) and the impact

of anthropogenic factors of megacities

Besides the fact that in the conditions of modern cities, the air is literally packed with allergens and other harmful substances. Widespread use of all kinds of electronic devices and adds a large number of positively charged particles that are harmful to the human body. salt ions in the salt chamber neutralize this harmful effect and partially removes harmful substances.

Salt cave against stress

Salt room is practically prehistoric area, untouched by civilization atmosphere. Not even for a long stay in the salt room will have a positive impact not only on the physical but also mental health. Its cozy and unusual atmosphere, subdued lighting, comfortable chairs will allow you to escape from everyday worries, relax and get positive emotions for a long time. What often relieves depression and stress

Halo generator IONNA           Manufacturer: Ukraine   English manual included 

Main technical specifications

Voltage and frequency of supply main, V/Hz 220/50      

                 FOR USA AND CANADA the CONVERTER  from 110V to 220V WILL NEED

Maximum power consumption, W, no more than 100

Cartridge with NaCl microcrystalline, refined, pcs. 1

- weight, kg                                                                     1,3

- durability, not less  , years                                         2

Voltage on ionizator radiator, kW 5÷15

Concentration of negative aerions in 1m. distance from radiator,

ions/cm3                                                         2000-40000

NaCl particle size, µm, not more than 0,5

Ionization area (with concentration of 5K ions/cm3   20x20m

Running time cycle (continuous work), hrs 24

Temperature range in ionization camera, +30C .. +80C

Temperature measurement pitch, С 5

Accuracy of temperature control in ionization camera, С +5(-2)

Volume of air, passing through cartridge with NaCl, m3/hr  5…40

Mode indication Light, digital

Mode signaling Sound

Mode management with saving option Flash-processor

Operating temperature of environment, ºС +10+40

Relative humidity, % 60±20

Weight (excl. NaCl cartridge), kg, not more than 4,5

Overall dimensions, mm 210х270х240

Package contents

1. Halogenerator «IONNA», pcs. 1

2. Cartridge with salt NaCl, pcs. 1

3. Filter gasket «HEMA»-type 4

4. Manual guide 1

5. Four-way screwdriver, dimension-type 3, pcs. 1

6. Fuse link (safety fuse) 1.0 A, pcs. 1


During transportation, for safety reasons, as well as for mitigation of possible risk of calcification, cartridge filled with NaCl


Before starting the device install a cartridge.


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