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Live Sinus 5 Set Bioresonance anti parasitic Mishin coil with cooper electrodes

Live Sinus  5 Set Bioresonance  anti parasitic  Mishin coil with cooper electrodes
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Set # 2  ECONOMY LIVE SINUS 5 with universal (3 in 1) Mishin coil 

                                                      English manual in PDF

Economy kit: generator LIVE SINUS 5 power supply unit, Mishin universal coil and step-up adapter with a set of cables. The set does not include torus and indicator. The operating state of the coil is determined by the generator. If the coil is defective or not connected properly, the generator will automatically shut down. In the future, additional coils and an indicator, if desired, can be purchased at any time.

The set includes a multifunctional signal generator LIVE SINUS 5 for any variants of Mishin, Tesla and others coils (the best device in Russia at the moment – both in terms of characteristics and functionality, and in terms of price / quality ratio).

< div> Also included is a universal USB-coil Mishin “3 in 1”. All four ends of the two halves of the bifilar windings nested into each other are brought out to the USB connector. The coil type in this case is determined only by the external connection. If the coil is directly connected to the generator, then it works as a low-voltage capacitive, if the coil is connected to the generator through a step-up adapter, then (depending on the cable used) it works either as a high-voltage capacitive , or static. For the buyer, this is a tangible savings – for the price of one, we get three fundamentally different coils in action, albeit in the same case. Switching modes takes seconds. The cable for high-voltage capacitive mode is color coded.

In high-voltage capacitive mode, the magnetic component of the field is reduced by 80-90 times, and the electrical component (static) is increased by 3-5 times. The usual indicator of the field with a coil in this mode, as a rule, does not light up.

Voltage requirements:

Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK  you will need  converter  110v to 220V

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC. 

You can buy converter on Ebay for 10$

The instruction is in English language in PDF .

Free shipping worldwide.

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