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Set #1 STARTER Ecomag1 generator and Mishin coils set

Set #1 STARTER  Ecomag1  generator and  Mishin coils set
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 'Ecomag generator and coils.
Compared to similar devices, the Ecomag device is made at a higher technological level. It is produced on the basis of original unique scientific developments, which made it much more effective. .Due to the ideal signal shape, the penetrating power of the signal  and the therapeutic effect are much higher. Adjustment of the output signal -  25, 50, 100% - you can adjust the device depending on body weight. 10% min - for animals and children; max 100% - for people with large body weight. The device has several unique and useful features.
1. Pause setting. You can interrupt the procedure and then continue it as you wish.
2. Switching the device to silent mode, it is convenient when using at night.
3. The coils included in the kit are completely cast, which excludes the possibility of winding displacement and distortion of settings during the entire service life.
The effectiveness of Ecomag has been confirmed in the course of research in medical centers in Russia, Israel and other countries. The device works from 12V to 220V in any corner of the globe.

Ecomag-1 Kit No. 1 Starter.
Package contents: Ecomag-1 generator; 14cm coil; TOR coil; field indicator.
Kit No. 1 Starter (Ecomag-1) is an innovative multimode device for physiotherapy with a vortex electric
field. The kit includes a 14 cm coil, a TORUS, a field indicator. It is intended primarily for passing the
initial preparatory course, using a classic medium coil with a diameter of 14cm. The coils of the Mishin
Ecomag-1 can operate in several modes, including the most efficient HIGH-VOLTAGE CAPACITIVE. This is
a work with the human vascular system. The device has a function of contact antiparasitic bioresonance
(BRT). Regular use: reduces the recovery time and increases the body's defenses; helps to get rid of pain
and restores joint mobility; stops allergic reactions and inflammatory processes; cleanses the body of
pathogenic bacteria and fungi; relieves many diseases in acute and chronic forms; triggers regeneration  and rejuvenation processes.

Mishin-Tesla coils represent an open oscillator circuit as both
“layers” are not closed from each other. It is essentially a capacitor with
inductance and it may work as radiating antenna. All coils are wound in
resonance with generator unit and resonate at the frequency of 280 kHz
to 310 kHz.
There are coils of several types and sizes supplied with Ecomag-1,
Ecomag-1M, Ecomag-3 (modulator) generator etc.malignant mass. It effectively acts upon internal organs, viruses 
 and fungal diseases. It can quickly remove scar tissues and accelerate 

It may act as a step-up transformer if electrostatic elements winding
is switched to its two loose ends.
Toroidal (TOR) “Mishin coil” is continuous development of flat coils.
Compared to flat coils TOR is more selective and localized variant.
However, it has smaller dimensions and better penetration depth of
electromagnetic field. It is intended to act upon deep seated organs and
tissues (up to 25 cm). As well as medium “Mishin coil”, it effectively fights
malignant masses, viruses and fungal diseases. It can quickly remove
scar tissues and accelerate healing; it has pronounced pain relieving

The Ecomag-1 generator has absorbed all the best, characteristics, parameters and a set of functionality. Very easy to operate. is a resonant sine generator, made in the form of a mobile small-sized device. Inside the housing are placed: an electronic microprocessor control unit of the apparatus, as well as a generator of sinusoidal oscillations. The case of the device is made of high-quality eco-friendly ABC plastic.



Power supply of the device from the mains: ~220 V ±10%, 50 Hz.

Power consumption no more than 50 W

Output frequency 280 - 310 kHz

Output signal adjustment 25, 50, 100%

Timer 15, 30, 60, ∞ min.

AC adapter input frequency 47-440Hz

Electrical class 2

Degree of electrical protection IP 21

The weight of the device is not more than 2 kg

Device dimensions 216x145x42 mm

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