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Step-up capacitive torus MGTF with connection to two emitters Live Sinus

Step-up capacitive torus MGTF with connection to two emitters Live Sinus
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The torus step-up transformer can be used both with spikes and a double labyrinth, and as a conventional torus-shaped capacitive Tesla coil.

The winding of this version of the coil is made of expensive, high-quality MGTF wire (copper stranded with fluoroplastic insulation). This option significantly improves the parameters of the coil and, accordingly, increases the strength of the electric component of the field ("statics"). The electrical quality factor of the coil (in the low-voltage version) is approximately 110-120.

A boosting capacitive torus is connected to the generator, and spikes and a labyrinth are already connected to it. The power level on the generator can be set to the maximum (since the parasitic electromagnetic component of the field in radiators of this type is practically absent). You can check the performance of the labyrinth and spikes with an indicator of the electrical component of the field.

Depending on the configuration, the capacitive torus operates in two modes: low-voltage capacitive, high-voltage capacitive.

Main characteristics:

resonance frequency in the range of 285-320 kHz

connection: USB connector

two DC 2.1/5.5 outputs for connecting radiators

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