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BioTrEM® health pendant ANTIVIR for the prevention and treatment of infectious viral diseases

BioTrEM®  health pendant ANTIVIR for the prevention and treatment of infectious viral diseases
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An auxiliary agent for the prevention and treatment of infectious viral diseases.

The information printed on the electronic storage medium "ANTIVIR" health pendant corresponds to the spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of the macrophage system of interferons participating in the reactions of anti-infectious and antiviral defense of the body.


Activates the immune system to fight viruses

Increases the adaptive capabilities of the body

Increases the body's production of macrophage cells and interferon

Increases the body's resistance (resistance) to viruses

Increases the barrier protection of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract

Reduces symptoms of infection

Reduces the course of colds

When can the Pendant of Health "ANTIVIR" be used:

As a prophylactic agent during the period of increasing seasonal morbidity and epidemics of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza.

In the treatment of chronic infectious and viral diseases of the eyes, ENT organs, broncho-pulmonary system and skin.

In the initial period of infectious and viral diseases. In the early period of convalescence (recovery) after suffering infectious and viral diseases.

In persons susceptible to frequent colds throughout the year - children and adults belonging to risk groups (diabetes mellitus, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, coronary heart disease, etc.)


The 1yuPendant of health "ANITVIR" can be worn as an accessory for clothes, on a pendant, and also placed next to it at night (under a pillow or on a dressing table). It is advisable to increase the exposure time gradually, up to 6 hours a day, starting from 10-15 minutes, focusing on your feelings.

2.Application of water with information "record"

Apply the ANTI-VIR health pendant to a glass of drinking water for 1 minute to treat the water, then drink (immediately after preparation) a few sips. This procedure can be performed 4-6-8 times a day. Drinking water, which has experienced a positive effect of the health pendant "ANTIVIR", contributes to the restoration of the normal functioning of the information control systems of the body.

3.Wearing on the arm in a special strap for Health Pendants

Insert the Health Pendant into a special strap, wear from 15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the wearing time, up to 2-3 hours a day.

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