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Life Expert Profi diagnostic device+ Life balance 2.0 devices - WEB WELLNESS +balance top-up 250 euro

 Life Expert Profi diagnostic device+ Life balance 2.0  devices - WEB WELLNESS +balance top-up 250 euro
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              Set Life Expert  Profi device   + Life Balance 2.0 

                      + balance top-up 250 euro



Life Balance is a portable wellness device intended for the effective control of parasites, for body detox and the prevention of many diseases.
The device transmits electromagnetic waves whose frequencies resonate with those of various pathogenic microorganisms thus killing them.
Most important these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe to the human body, have no side affects and can be used by people of all ages.
Life Balance comes with 71 basic programs to which more can be downloaded so as to suit the individual’s health problems and is best used in conjunction with The Life Expert device.

The new and improved version of Life Balance  2.0 has a number of advantages.

- bluetooth

- the ability to control the device using a mobile application

- the ability to record programs and complexes remotely

- 300 programs recorded on the device

+100 antiparasantic

+100 harmonizing

+100 recovery 

- It is possible to record up to 600 programs and 100 complexes with a total duration of 3600 minutes

In set included

- device Life Balance 2.0

- a cover for carrying on a neck

- a cover for carrying on a hand

-wireless charger

-network adapter

-  bag



Let me present you a device that provides for an immediate communication with your own body and this is LIFE EXPERT PROFI natural biosystem testing device! By testing a functional state of 47 organs and body systems, the divice allows to get a comparative analysis of indicators and lets You realize how your food, bad habits or invironmental situation could affect Your health!

All this at home just for less than 1 min and without going to several doctors!!

It’s always very important to know about actual state of your health and possible problems that could not yet even be felt in the body. These hidden problems will emerge inevitably if nothing is done to prevent their development! You need to know about these problems to prevent them and improve your health!

Life Expert Profi is your home diagnostic device that after a quick scan of 47 main organs and systems in your body, will generate an exhaustive report to show

- what organs or systems require your attention and a check by a specialist

- how healthy is your spine

- if the medicine you are taking are efficient enough to help with your problem

- about any food/cosmetics intolerances you may be suffering from

- about you physiological age based of the functional state of your organs and systems

- how energetic you are judging by your auragram

The package Life Expert profi includes:

  • Life Expert Profi device - 1 pc.
  • Cable with active electrode and probe - 1 pc
  • Foot electrodes - 2 pcs.
  • Head electrodes - 1 pc.
  • Hand palm electrodes - 2 pcs.
  • USB cable for connecting the complex to a computer
  • Passport for Life Expert Profi, a device for testing and normalization of natural biosystems in English and Russian languages - ​​2 pcs.

Tariffs for using the device Life Expert Profi
First   and second month free use.
From the third  month subscription fee
for 1 month - 50 euros
for 3 months - 120 euros
for 12 months - 365 euros
Without a subscription fee, the user has access to his personal account to the data of patients and their tests, it is possible to send tests made earlier.
Without a monthly fee, you can use Life Expert Pro in the mode of reduced functions (as a device Life Expert). In this case, the cost of one test is 0.5 euro. Minimum package of 20 tests

Life Expert Profi the hardware-software system
 Life Expert Profi the hardware-software system allow to display the live process of electroacupuncture or segmental testing, view results, maintain patient database with all the conducted sessions, print out the patient card with results given by the program and much more.
The program will make the electroacupuncture session handier, better and faster with a special software.
It allows to make an accurate diagnosis, assign a therapy and give the patient a printout with diagnostic results and recommendations.
Can you imaging hof fast we can manage our health nowadays with the help of bioresonance and wellness technologies.
Our main difference with the medicine is that we study health rather then illnesses. So lets be healthy healthy together.
Functional overview of the hardware-software system
A card file with the archive “before” and “after”;
A photo archive of patients with pathological manifestations;
A Therapist’s Reference which is a list of pathological changes in the body with the algorithm database for examinations;
Rapid test:
         - General;
         - Matching preparations;
         - Selector;
         - Matching foodstuff;
         - Electroacupuncture according to Voll;
         - Vega-test;
         - Bioresonance therapy;
         - Automatic composition of bundles for bioresonance therapy devices based on test results;
         - Multilingual and multiplatform;
         - Selector database consisting of more than 35,000 test resonance frequencies;
    - A unique mechanism of self-improvement;
         - BRT contact device;
Good news, we have made this device affordable for everyone. The price of Life Expert Profi is only 690$.  The device works on a powerful software. There is a subscription fee of 50 euros a month which you will be able to activate in your personal office once buying the device and use all the functions of Life Expert Profi unlimmited. Morevoer, once getting the "Life Expert Profi package" or "Life Expert Profi + Life Balance VIP package" you recieve 3 months of subscription totally for free as a gift from us. 
Notice! The device can already be ordered and delivered all over the world but the software is in process of translation into English. Those clients who want to order now please pay attention. The software can ba download after buying the device from your personal web office. We will not make you wait for too long, as soon as the software is translated you will be notified.
 The devices are developed by Lidomed Bio Research and Development Enterprise LLC, exclusively and by the order of Business Process Technologies company.

For the normal program operation the computer should have the below features:
Intel processor, 1.00GHz and more;
RAM min. 2Gb;
hard disk (min. 5Gb);
USB port
colour printer
SVGA display, video adapter resolution 1280 х 1024 High Colour;
Windows 7 (64bit) or higher.
The software hardware system is incompatible with MacBook.
English operating manual in PDF, Software in English.


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