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Spinor 4G/5G protector FOR YOUR BODY 持ち歩きに特化した電磁波プロテクト スピノル 4G/5Gプロテクター電磁波過敏症対策

 Spinor 4G/5G protector FOR YOUR BODY  持ち歩きに特化した電磁波プロテクト スピノル 4G/5Gプロテクター電磁波過敏症対策
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       4G/5G protector for your body !


A greater number of people in thepresent-day world begins to care for their health. And as we live in an age of high

technologies and technical progress, interest in the question about techno genetics factors influencing human health grows.

One of the techno genetics factors, influencing a man's health, is the wide use of different electronic techniques. Indeed, top resent nowa day life without a television set,a computer or mobile phone is really difficult. But how do these blessings of civilization influence us?

It is considered that electromagnetic fields radiated by the monitors of personal computers, television sets, mobile phones, cordless phones and other electronic techniques

interfere with the health of man.In spite of all achievements, modern pharmacological medicine is unable to win over or substantially reduce occurrence of some kind diseases, in this situation interest in non traditional medicine grows up. However last year research showed that, except for electromagnetic radiation ,there are, as well, the torsion fields, which are often named information fields. Torsion (information) component of electromagnetic radiations has action to a man informatively and energetically, therefore the matter is energy-informative effector energy-informative protection. According to the results of research (participants of which have been specialists from Ukraine, France, Russia, Switzerland during more than 20 years) sometimes the torsion fields (instead of electromagnetic) are the basic factor of the negative effect on a human health .Some Companies including Spinor company  engaged in research of the torsion field effect on human health. We develop methods to protect the people against the negative effect of the torsion fields. They , there were developed the protectors against torsion radiations, namely Spinor, Forpost-1,Vernada, Vernada Geo, Vernada Car, 4G/5G prorector

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