A healthy body is the key for a successful person to have a much happier life. Our health is the most precious thing we have.
Kalinka-store –°ompany offers you a large selection of health products produced in Ukraine and Russia. Many of our products are well known throughout the world: they have already helped thousands of people to recover from pain, become healthier and stronger, and strengthen the immune system.

We offer to your attention the devices used for home therapy, which are based on the latest achievements of science, namely lasers, biofeedback and magnetic therapy devices.

Here you can also buy everything that is needed to maintain your health and body care without using synthetic drugs and cosmetics. We offer you products made from ecologically pure and natural ingredients, unique herbs, extracts, oils and products of animal origin produced in Siberia, the Altai, on the lake, in other words the most pristine corners of our planet.

This is a winning step you can take now that will make today a healthier day for you than yesterday.