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Vitamin D with the device " Ekosvet 1"

Vitamin D with the device " Ekosvet 1"
We make up for the deficiency of vitamin D
with the device " Ekosvet 1"

Vitamin D plays an important role in the functioning of the body.
It turns out that a lack of vitamin D can cause constant fatigue.
The human body is a very complex system. Its normal functioning largely depends on the presence
of certain vitamins that are involved in many processes. For example, vitamin D contributes to the
good absorption of phosphorus and calcium, which are needed for bone growth. In addition, vitamin
D has a positive effect on the functioning of the neuromuscular, immune and endocrine systems. It is
very important that the body has enough of this element.
sunshine vitamin
Let's take a closer look at where vitamin D comes from in the body, and why it is needed at all. Let's
start with the fact that the sun plays a big role in the formation of the vitamin. It is produced naturally
in the body by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. That is why in winter people most often feel its
shortage. Another source of vitamin D is foods high in it. For example, it is found in fatty fish, dairy
products, mushrooms, chicken eggs, meat and beef liver. In cases where it is not possible to get the
right amount of this element naturally, many doctors recommend drinking a course of vitamins. But
for this you need to pass tests and consult with a specialist. 
Beware of scarcity!Vitamin D is responsible for the regulation of mineral metabolism, for the functioning of the
cardiovascular system, the functioning of the thyroid gland, and also for blood clotting. It is very
important to ensure that it is enough for the human body. One of the clearest signs of vitamin D
deficiency is constant fatigue, fatigue and a bad mood. In addition, the doctor also noted weak
immunity, brittle hair and nails. Excessive sweating, weight problems, poor sleep can all be
symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.
How to fix the situation?
What to do if you feel like your body needs vitamin D? It is recommended to make daily small forays
from the room into the fresh air. This is especially true for those people who work in the office and
practically do not go out all day. Within 15-30 minutes you need to be in the sun and take sunbaths.
In addition, you need to adjust your diet. Review your menu, add foods high in vitamin D to it. They
were mentioned above. And, of course, use the apparatus " Ekosvet 1".
The device and the method of treatment implemented by it were patented in Russia by Yu.M. Belyaev
(PhD, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural
Sciences ). The mechanism of action of the impulse action of the apparatus "Ekosvet1" was studied by
us together with a number of medical institutions for more than 20 years, the results are presented in
the attached Conclusions. It was experimentally confirmed with certainty that the apparatus has a tonic
and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulating nonspecific protection of cellular and humoral immunity. The
device implements a new method of treatment and prevention in the world practice: non-invasive
polychromatic light-pulse therapy (NPSIT). Systematic clinical studies of the method were first carried
out by N.K. Starkov in his Ph.D.