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BioTrEM® health pendant ALFA is an effective antidepressant,anti-stress. improves sleep

BioTrEM®  health pendant  ALFA is an effective antidepressant,anti-stress. improves sleep
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helps to normalize the emotional state, improve mood (with anxiety, depression, feelings of "emptiness", despondency, guilt, helplessness, fear)

reduces manifestations of emotional irritability and aggressiveness

helps to restore normal appetite

reduces the adverse effect of stress factors

Health Pendant "ALPHA" has a positive effect on the state of the body's functions and can be used as a means of optimization and correction in combination with other methods for treatment and prevention:

anxiety, neurasthenia, adjustment disorders, accompanied by disturbances in the emotional sphere

functional disorders of the nervous system, accompanied by mental fatigue, increased irritability, a decrease in the speed and quality of mental activity

sleep disorders associated with anxiety

initial manifestations and exacerbations of psychosomatic diseases (bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, coronary heart disease, hypertension, dermatological and other diseases)

manifestations of chronic psycho-emotional stress


The health pendant "ALPHA" can be worn as an accessory for clothes, as well as placed next to it at night (under a pillow or on a dressing table). It is advisable to increase the exposure time gradually, up to 2 hours a day, starting from 5-10 minutes, focusing on your feelings.

Application of water with information "record"

Apply the ALFA health pendant to a glass of drinking water for 1 minute to treat the water, then drink (immediately after preparation) a few sips. This procedure can be performed 4-6 times a day. Drinking water, which has experienced the positive effect of the "ALPHA" health pendant, contributes to the restoration of the normal functioning of the information control systems of the body.

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