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Cedar Resin

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Siberian cedar is mostly known as Siberian pine. This evergreen coniferous tree grows in Northern regions of Russia and is famous for its amazing ability to heal different diseases.

Siberian pine — a natural miracle

Folk medicine uses all the parts (except maybe roots) of this wonderful tree to cure different diseases:

  • all the remedies made of cedar strengthen immune system;
  • fresh bark is an effective diuretic, laxative and anthelmintic cure;
  • essential oils in the needles of the tree have a positive impact on heart, lungs and nervous system;
  • 100 g of cedar nut kernels include a daily norm of amino acids, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt;
  • an infusion made from the shell of pine nuts is used to treat neuroses, diseases of the liver and kidneys and hemorrhoids;
  • remedies made of cedar are thought to be effective against impotence.

But the most valuable cedar remedy is resin — a substance that the tree secretes to cure and protect itself from bacterias and insects. People have never cut down trees to get resin, otherwise the tree was considered not to share its healing power.

Usage of cedar resin

Cedar resin is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic — thank to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial features it was used since ancient times to cure wounds, burns, bites. It restrains bacterial growth of diphtheria, hay bacillus and white staphylococcus. Internal taking of resin can help with gastric ulcer.

A balsam from cedar resin is prepared in proportion 1:10 with organic oil — one part of resin is mixed with heated on the water bath oil. This cure should be used to treat all the wounds, cuts, burns. If you need to use it internally, change proportion to 1:20.

In the modern world the resin is known for its strong anti aging effect as it stimulated cells regeneration. Together with organic beauty products it can prolong the natural beauty and make you feel young and healthy.

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