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Grape seed oil organic 100 3.5 oz ml extra virgin

Grape seed oil organic 100 3.5 oz ml  extra virgin
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Grape seed oil 100 ml 3,5 oz

Unrefined and non-deodorized












Manufactured by means of mechanical operations using the method of the first cold pressing.



This surprisingly useful and tasty oil is manufactured with a use of the new vitamin preserving technology from grape seeds.



Unrefined grape seed oil received in the result of cold pressing has the highest nutritional and therapeutic value unlike refined oil received by means of extraction. In case of cold pressing the maximal possible vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances which define various unique properties of grape seed oil. Unfortunately to date another method of grape seed oil manufacturing is used. It is the method of extraction. In case of this method of manufacturing oil quality is much lower but greater amount of oil can be produced than in case of using the cold pressing method. And in connection with this the prime cost of refined extraction oil is incommensurably lower. And so unfortunately to date it is really difficult to find a real unrefined grape seed oil manufactured by means of cold pressing method on shelves of supermarkets and pharmacy shops. And what we see on these shelves is cheep refined extraction grape oil!



Unrefined grape seed oil manufactured using cold pressing method has a soft pleasant taste and a slight nutty flavor. It softly emphasize flavor and taste of cooked meet and fish dishes, spaghetti, baked and stewed vegetables.



Unrefined grape seed oil manufactured by means of cold pressing method is used for making a tasty and nutritious home-made mayonnaise, various dressings and sauces; it is a perfect solution for making various tasty and useful salads, oil extracts of greens and garlic, various fondues. It is also perfect for preparing marinades for meet, bird meet and fish as well as for home canning.



Just few drops of soft and light cold pressed grape seed oil can give a unique flavor to home-made fancy baking and to add a zest to a usual taste of such ordinary dishes as serials, garnishes, mashed potatoes.



Due to high contents of oleic acid unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil has a high level of heat resistance ("fuming" point of this oil is 216°РЎ) and due to this grape seed oil perfectly passes for frying or deep-frying of meet, fish and vegetables. Being heated to such a high temperature unlike other oils grape seed oil doesn't change neither its color nor scent, nor taste.



Due to high contents of OMEGA-3 unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil has a high oxidation resistance. And taking into account this its quality unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil can be added to any other oils and that will prolong their storage lives.



Unique in its composition unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil contains a great amount of useful substances (more than 100 active components)!



Providing its unique biochemical composition and great many useful properties unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is a valuable food, dietetic, medical and cosmetic product. It is successfully used in folk medicine, pharmaceutics and cosmetology.


Grape seed oil composition and benefits



Unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil contains great amount of biologically active substances and the first place among these substances is given toPROANTHOCYANIDINIS -an antioxidant preventing cells degeneration into cancer cells.



A unique antioxidant RESVERATROL being a component of unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil deserves a special attention. Like vitamin E it has a strongly expressed anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-sclerotic and antitumoral action.



Numerous researches performed by scientists corroborate the fact thatRESVERATROL has an anti-virus, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer action. Scientists have proved that RESVERATROL prevents growing of cancer cells and promotes their killing. Due to this fact cancer tumor stops growing and sometimes it can even become smaller! So, using unrefined cold pressed oil helps to lower doses and severity of anticancer therapy side effects.



RESVERATROL enhances normalization of estrogen balance, strengthen walls of blood vessels and capillaries, improves microcirculation of blood and lymph, improves liver work, prevents obesity, significantly decreases risks of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, regenerates functions of sebaceous glands, is a stimulator of natural synthesis necessary for skin elasticity.



Unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is rich for chlorophyll (this very substance causes its greenish tint). Having a bactericidal property chlorophyll has a tonic effect on skin, it activates processes of healing injured tissues, skin, mucous membranes, prevents lithogenesis in kidneys and urinary bladder, stops development of atherosclerosis, facilitates working of respiratory organs, endocrine and digestive systems.



The above mentioned biochemical natural components presented in composition of unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil are 50 times as effective as vitamin E and 20 times as effective as vitamin C.



Unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is one of the strongest oil antioxidants. It helps to support blood vessels elasticity, reduces cholesterol level in blood, helps to prevent hypertension. It is indispensable for cardiovascular system and immune system strengthening.



Due to a broad complex of unique healing properties unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is successfully used for various diseases treatment and prevention.



Due to contents of vitamins E, A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, flavonoids, indispensable unsaturated fatty acids OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-9, phytosterols, chlorophyll unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is one of the most popular ingredients of oil cosmetology.


Unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil is recommended to be used:



  • as a general health improving agent;
  • as a tonic agents in case of stresses, depression, fatigue, immunodeficient and asthenic states;
  • for treatment of anemia, peripheral blood circulation disorders, venous pathology, varicose veins disorders of cellular tissue blood supply, lower extremities arthritis;
  • for treatment of cardiovascular diseases: coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis;
  • potential stroke conditions, cerebral blood circulation disorders, neurosis, hypertension;
  • metabolism disorders: gout, osteochondrosis, obesity;
  • for treatment of liver chronic diseases, chronic colitis, constipations, intestinal atony;
  • for treatment of kidney diseases (kidneys are cleaned and their workability is renewed);
  • as a perfect antiseptic agent as far as it provides disinfection and is useful for healing skin wounds and cracks;
  • for treatment of acute respiratory diseases, mouth cavity pathologies (stomatitis, gingivitis, cheilitis, perleche (angular stomatitis));
  • for treatment of ENT pathologies (tonsillitis and pharyngitis);
  • for treatment of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, early stage of tuberculosis;
  • for treatment of toxic and allergic lesions.



Grape seed oil in the figth against diseases

For cardiovascular system.



Unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil strengthens blood vessels, improves their elasticity, lowers cholesterol level in blood, has a preventive effect against thrombi and atherosclerotic plaques. This oil is used for treatment of hypertension, coronary artery disease and heart failure, cerebrum thromboses (strokes), infarcts, thromboses, atherosclerosis. Unrefined grape seed oil is indicated in case of vascular disorders: varix, couperosis, diabetic retinopathy and other types of retinopathy.


In case of varicose veins.


It is recommended to oil diseased veins with unrefined cold pressed grape seed oil using easy massaging movements from tips of toes and to hips. It makes sense to simultaneously take this oil inside: one dessert spoon once a day.


For treatment of gastrointestinal tract and liver.


Unrefined grape seed oil is used for treatment of ulcer, gastric mucosa erosions, colitis, gastritis. It is used as a preventive measure against hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, lithogenesis in gall bladder.


For women's health.


This oil is useful for pregnant women, nursering mothers, it increases amounts of milk. It facilitates the course of PMS and hormonal changes in the period of climax. Prevention of genital organs diseases: inflammations, infections, including hormonodependent diseases (and even infertility)


For men's health.


Unrefined grape seed oil increases potency, normalizes spermatogenesis and erectile function. This oil is used as a preventive measure of diseases of men's genital organs, sterility, prostate oncology and prostate gland.


For treatment of skin diseases.


Unrefined grape seed oil effectively generates skin cells, promoting wound heeling after burns, abrasion, cuts, chemical peelings. This oil has a bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-inflamatory action. It heals psoriasis, acne, trophic ulcers, pyodermias.


For longevity and strong immunity.


Unrefined grape seeds oil is successfully used for tratment of harmonodependent cancerous tumors (breast cancer, ovary cancer, prostate cancer). Regular use of grape seed oil as a foodstuff improves resistance against infections, viruses and increases tolerance of organism to unfavourable impacts.


For treatment of constipations.


It is recommended to drink unrefined grape seed oil in the morning on an empty stomach (one table spoon an hour before breakfast) washing it down with a glass of water.



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