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EXOMITIN (SkQ1, Skulachev Ions) – regenerating, antioxidant hydrogel 50 ml - solution of skin problems with diabetes mellitus

   EXOMITIN (SkQ1, Skulachev Ions) – regenerating, antioxidant hydrogel  50 ml  - solution of skin problems with diabetes mellitus
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EXOMITIN (SkQ1, Skulachev Ions) – regenerating, antioxidant hydrogel.

Hydrogel Exomitin improves effective protection of the skin cells and restores their regenerative functions.


  • thermal or mechanical injury
  • dry skin
  • skin reddens
  • different types of skin irritation

Composition: Plastoquinone bromide (strong natural antioxidant in choloroplasts, polyethylene glycol (PEG), water.

Plastoquinone  Very strong natural antioxidant in choloroplasts.

C10 – linker: Allows to place the molecule SkQ1 in the membrane of mitochondria with an accuracy of one nanometer.

Skulachev Ions: (decyltriphenyl-phosphonium) – a class of organic molecules composed of a large organic cation that are proposed to target molecules attached to them to mitochondria.

Mode of application

Hydrogel Exomitin® should be applied a thin layer directly to the problem areas of the skin as needed. Wait for 30 minutes. If necessary, use together with other products, apply first.

Hydrogel Exomitin® enhances the antioxidant defense of skin cells and improves their regenerative functions.

Thanks to the innovative formula, the mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ1 has a protective and soothing effect in the occurrence of various kinds of irritation, redness and dryness of the skin.

Studies have shown that SkQ1 increases the ability of the skin to recover from damage and has anti-inflammatory activity. Particularly impressive results were noted in animals of advanced age, as well as in animals suffering from diabetes mellitus. As is known, with aging and diabetes, even with minor injuries, wounds heal longer, as the skin's ability to restore significantly decreases, which can lead to serious complications. In studies, the antioxidant SkQ1 has proven to be a compound that stimulates wound healing and skin regeneration without scarring and other complications

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