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Rikta Emitter T 2 E-04 Laser pulse power 20 W with built-in electrodes for TENS

 Rikta Emitter T 2 E-04 Laser pulse power 20 W with built-in electrodes for TENS
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This high power radiator with electrotherapy is optional and is intended for use with the RIKTA 04/4 series.


     In comparison with the radiator T1E-04 has a higher laser power (20 W), due to which it is more efficient.


Emitters of increased power are recommended for experienced users, medical specialists, laser specialists, physiotherapists and professionals.


     The radiator T2E-04 uses a combination of Transcutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation (TENS) - electrotherapy and polyfatcore quantum (laser) therapy. The Chans function allows you to instantly remove the pain syndrome due to the effect on the nerve endings by low-intensity electrical currents. When performing the procedure at the places of application of the radiator, the patient feels a slight "tingling", after which all painful sensations disappear.


     Note! For the treatment of children under 14 years, a reduction in the power of laser and infrared radiation is required, please carefully read the methodological recommendations that are attached to each device.


     Operating modes:


     - Combined (TENS / Electrotherapy + quantum (laser) therapy);

     - Chans / Electrotherapy for the rapid removal of acute pain syndrome;

     - Quantum (laser) therapy.


     Emitter T2E-04, as well as T1E-04, has proven itself in the treatment and prevention of various disease states, such as: arthritis, back pain, joint diseases, as well as with dislocations and sprains.




     - Pulsed infrared laser radiation ( 20W, 905 nm);

     - Pulsating broadband infrared radiation (60 mW, 875 nm);

     - Pulsating radiation in the red (visible) part of the spectrum (7 mW, 640 nm);

     - Permanent magnetic field (35 mT);

     - Constant ElectroNero Stimulation (CHENS - electrotherapy)




The manufacturer: Joint-Stock Company "MILTA-PKP GIT"

Country of origin: Russia


Wavelength, nm

Laser infrared radiation: 905

Broadband infrared radiation: 875

Red visible radiation: 640

Average power of infrared radiation, mW: 60

Average power of red radiation, mW: 7

Overall dimensions, mm: 170С…90С…70

Net weight, kg: 0,25

Laser safety in accordance with GOST R50723-94: Class 1


Average power of infrared diode radiation, mW: 60

Average output power of red LEDs, mW: 7

The area of ​​the radiator outlet, sq. Cm: 4

Magnetic induction, mT: 35

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