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Electrostatic blanket for Econag generator healing blanket

Electrostatic blanket for Econag generator healing blanket
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ctrostatic blanket, works when connected to the Ecomag generator. This method of influencing  with an electrostatic field is based on the interaction of the body with an alternating low-frequency electrostatic field of high intensity with the possibility of changing the current strength mode. This contributes to the appearance of varying degrees of vibration in the tissues, extending to a considerable depth. These tissue fluctuations, depending on their frequency, intensity and duration of application. able to influence the neuro-receptor apparatus, blood and lymphatic vessels, regulate muscle tone, affect the functional state of internal organs

The  blanket has a double connection via a step-up transformer to the generator. The transformer is included in the kit. The blanket has a large contour (the lower part of the blanket - we lying on it) and a small contour (the upper part of the blanket - wecovered with it). A handle is located on the upper part. The blanket gives a great physiotherapeutic effect. The intensity of the electrostatic field and its spread is incredibly vast and far exceeds the field from coils or spikes of static. If you have animals at home, then you will notice their desire to lie on a blanket. The blanket can be used to treat pets with success.

Blanket weight 3 kg. To use it, you need an Ecomag generator

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