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Flat electrodes for TGSP - 2 anti parasitic device

 Flat electrodes for TGSP - 2  anti parasitic device
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Flat electrodes for TGSP - 2

The contact electrodes are made of conductive rubber, easy to use and pleasant to the touch.

Their shape provides an increased contact field and reduces the risk of micro-burns on delicate parts of the body.

They can be easily wiped or washed with a non-alcohol-containing solution, or plain water.

Take care of the connections between the wire and the electrodes!

“TGSp-1\2” (hereinafter referred to as the device) is a health-improving electronic device for restoring immunity and ridding the human and animal body of parasites. “TGSp-2” is a completely safe device, completely autonomous, powered by a built-in battery and can be used away from electricity. The design of the device has 2 sockets for 2 pairs of contacts and a power switch. The frequency range of the device is from 30 kHz to 999 kHz.

Tests conducted by the regional body for certification and examination of bioenergy product safety showed that the use of the device significantly improves the functioning of the ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, genitourinary and other body systems. Tests using diagnostic equipment

“IMAGO”, “MABIOL”, and EDSP showed that the effect of the device on the body suppresses the activity of many known parasitic forms, including Giardia, opisthorchiasis, toxoplasma and others, as well as streptococci, staphylococci, etc., until the complete disappearance of signs of their presence in the human body. Suppression of parasite activity allows

the body’s natural immunity is restored, as a result the body itself becomes more and more resistant to the effects of other pathogenic factors, such as stress.

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