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The V.E.G.A.-11 appliance is designed to:
– detect geophysical anomalies (geopathic zones) known as Hartmann and Curry network in 
apartments, in offices and on industrial premises;
–detect indoors anomalies of unknown origin, constituting spots, strips, three-dimensional 
objects (phantoms);
–explore karst caverns, faults, geological heterogeneities of the ground, water veins, which are 
powerful geopathic zones;
– to explore the «aura» of animate and inanimate objects.
 The operating principle
 The appliance is a sensitive instrument for measuring the natural electromagnetic field of the 
Earth as well as of electromagnetic fields arising as a result of the electric currents of industrial 
frequencies. It works in the very low frequency waves range on the principle of frequency 
detection of the input signal.
 What is measured are the amplitude and the frequency components of the electromagnetic 
field, which vary on (above) the interface between two media.

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Technical specification
 – gain factor before synchronous (frequency) detector – 1.5×106
 – frequency range (before the detector), depending on the modes of function:
 – wide band (РЁРџ) (English: WB) – 500 Hz - 500 kHz
 – narrow band (РЈРџ) (English: NB) – 8 kHz;
 – working temperature range: -20 °C – +40 °C, humidity: up to 90 %;
 – overall size of the appliance (with the aerial but with the handle detached), mm – 
 – overall size of the power supply unit, mm – 130×70×55;
 – overall size of the lighting module, mm – 110×67×45 (without the aerial);
 – overall size of the appliance when packed in the carrier bag, mm – 280×200×150;
 – Power supply of the appliance is battery-based, bipolar – 2×12 V (type AA batteries, 
 preferably alkaline); Power supply of the digital data display is unipolar – 9 V 
 – Power supply of the lighting module is battery-based, inipolar –18 V (two «Krona»-type 
 – power consumption of the appliance – 2.4 V;
 – weight of the entire set in the carrier bag – max. 2.3 kg;
 – weight of the appliance – max. 1.5 kg (with the power supply unit and the lighting module)
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Geopathology is a science that deals with the study of pathologic (sickening, harmful) energies emitted from the earth that interfere with the healthy functioning of cell metabolism in our body. Geopathic Stress mainly occurs from natural sources, but can be caused, as well, by man-made electro-magnetic devices and applications such as cell phones, computers, power lines, etc. 

European Science has researched this topic for nearly a century and provides important insights about the significance on longterm and chronic health challenges.


The basic three types of naturally occurring Geopathic Stress are underground watercourses, earth grid systems and geologic anomalies or earth fractures.
  1. Underground water courses (or water veins) emit an energy that is draining our body's bioenergetic field and can be harmful if a person is spending long periods of time above those areas. It makes no difference how deep the water is down in the earth or how many floors a person lives above ground. Even on the 20th floor of an apartment building the effect can be clearly felt, sometimes even stronger due to the enhancement of iron in reinforced concrete in the ceilings.

    If your bed happens to be right over an underground water stream, your sleep will likely be affected. It might take you a long time to fall asleep or you'll toss and turn all night. Waking up between 2 and 3am is typical, too, since Geopathic Stress reaches a maximum at this time of the night, especially with full moon. Getting out of bed in the morning then feels impossible. Babies and small children often fall out of their beds instinctively trying to avoid the Geopathic drain. They wake up several times at night or come into their parents' bed. 
  2. Earth grid systems consist of straight lines or paths of Geopathic energy. In fact they are more like energetic walls, go deep into the earth, but also reach miles above the surface. They are referred to as "cubic" because they are three-dimensional.

    For example, the Benker-grid is a 10 x 10 m (about 30 x 30 ft) grid, which means the distance between 2 grid lines is about 30 ft. The line itself has a thickness of 8 -12 inches. Dimensions and intensities can vary dependent on geographic latitude and the specific location. Earth grid systems have been studied extensively over the last century. They are often named after their discoverer, the Hartmann-grid after Ernst Hartmann, MD, or theCurry-grid after Manfred Curry, MD).

    Find an overview below of the various grid systems and their dimensions. 
  3. Geologic fractures are naturally occurring earth faultlines, but can also be caused by blasting or quarrying. Vortexes, an irregular type of geologic energy, are considered in this category, too.


seven year study (1988-1995) in Germany conducted by Andreas Kopschina and Ursula & Wolfgang Daun, involving 8200 patients, measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or integrative therapy. 34% of patients were exposed to significant levels of Geopathic Stress. The study showed that until a person was taken off the Geopathic structure, their capacity to heal was greatly impaired.

Ulrike Banis, MD, ND, author of "Geopathic Stress - and What You Can Do About It", has integrated the knowledge of Geopathic Stress into her medical practice with categorical success. From her former stance as a staunch skeptic she now reports, "...but my experience - being a medical professional myself - is that at least 30% of all chronic medical conditions are derived from this cause - or to put it differently, our patients would be, on average, 30% healthier if we manage to find good sleeping places for everyone."

Dr. Banis uses dowsing to identify areas of Geopathic Stress for her patients. She recommends patients move their sleeping place to an area free of Geopathic Stress zones. She then prescribes homeopathic remedies to detox the body of the charge Geopathic Stress causes in a person's energy field.

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