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Denas DiaDens probes electrodes

Glasses electrode for Denas ophthalmologic Glasses electrode for Denas ophthalmologic Sale
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Comb and face electrodes applicators for Denas Comb and face electrodes applicators for Denas Sale
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All DENAS devices work by sending through skin electro neuro signals that influence on biologically active points responsible for treating particular organs. To help direct these signals and get the most use of treatment, at DENAS MS corporation were designed several probe electrodes for various parts of our bodies.

Denas probe electrodes

Probe electrodes for the most effective treatment

As DiaDENS devices can be used for treating wide range of diseases and quickly lower the pain, all electrodes are designed to simplify access to parts of a body that need help:

  • a reflexology rug for treating foot;
  • an acupuncture electrode to access small zones;
  • massage electrodes for face and head skin;
  • set of different size applicators for focused work on particular areas;
  • ophthalmologic glasses-shaped electrode.

The electrodes increase the effectiveness of treatment dramatically and are absolutely irreplaceable when you buy DENAS healing equipment to treat yourself. It makes a treatment procedure less difficult so you can simply relax while becoming healthier.

Electrodes are designed to match most of DENAS devices. If you need a device for preventive treatment or to help you relax in the evening and get rid of a day stress and tension, think about healing blanket. This simple device can be used by all members of the family and it is absolutely safe.

Kalinka store — safe and effective treatment

At Kalinka store we offer safe alternative and folk medicine treatments that will help you to recover without taking pills. We believe in effectiveness of non-surgical treatment with natural products and innovative technologies like SCENAR or DENAS.

For our clients we offer free worldwide delivery of all goods. An international delivery usually takes about 12-14 days. Though most of goods that we sell are made in Russia or Ukraine, we provide each item with detailed description and manuals in English.

Be healthy and feel well with Kalinka store!