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DENAS cosmetic

DENAS cosmetic is designed to provide your face, body and hair with gentle care which brings incredibly good results. The cosmetics soften, cleanse, nourish and moisturize skin without interfering natural processes in skin cells.


Choice of cosmetics

DENAS MS corporation manufactures several cosmetic lines. One of them is a Estidems lines that features 4 types of cremes:

  • Bonavtilin — antiseptic to apply on the skin 10-20 minutes before using DENAS devices;
  • Elavtilin — a creme with anti cellulite effect;
  • Denavtilin — universal regenerative creme for legs;
  • Malavtilin — face and body creme for all family for everyday use.

Bonavtilin is usually applied before the use of DENS devices and extremely effectively influences skin at joints, muscles and ligament areas. Elavtilin anti cellulite creme has a unique natural Plantafluid® anti cellulite complex, features E, F and PP vitamins and can be used as a massage creme.

Denavtilin creme provides your legs with essential help — soften and nourish skin and prevent growth of bacterias and development of fungal disease. Malavtilin universal creme is your number one choice while traveling or having vacations out of the city. It features natural hyaluronic acid that helps the skin keeping normal water balance and can be used both for body and face.

The best healing effect you can get by using cremes together DENAS therapy devices or healing blankets.

Creme structure

All the cremes manufactured under Estidens line have a unique component ARLASOLVE® DMI in their content. This component is an extremely effective conductor of biologically active elements that increases the effectiveness and influence duration of healing components.

In these cremes are combined safe and effective natural components, micro elements and oils. All these components have effectiveness proved by centuries of their use in folk medicine. Most of the products contain different sets of vitamins and copper and zinc ions.

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