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Denas therapy devices

DIADENS LADOS DENAS Device for Pain Relief DIADENS LADOS DENAS Device for Pain Relief Sale
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Dens- Applicator for Denas DiaDenas  pain relief Sale
 DiaDens-T Denas New version 2009  DiaDens-T Denas New version 2009 Sale
Denas device new model 2010 year Denas device new model 2010 year Sale
Diadens COSMO home cosmetology mashine Sale
Dia DENS-PC cure and diagnostic complex Sale
Denas healing blanket ( 56,5 in*77in) Sale
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Denas scenar is the major tool for dynamic electro neuro adaptive stimulation that is shortly called denas therapy. The technology of denas treatment is based on non-invasive painless electric stimulation of biologically active zones. This stimulation is favorable for activation of immunity defence and body’s self recovery process.

Denas diadens are used by medical workers in different spheres of medicine. They are recommended to the people with chronic illnesses for complex treatment and relieving patients statement. Denas scenar renders influence on bio-chemical and bio-energetical system, regulates the process of releasing neiropeptides and activates natural healing hormones. Denas scenars get information about the statement of the organism and according to it creates appropriate helpful electric signals.

Different denas therapy devices are represented in our catalogue - Denas cardio, Osteo Denas, Zoodenas, DiaDens pcm and electrodes (accessories) to them.

Today more and more people tend to choose non-invasive safe treatment methods instead of traditional medicine that requires taking “heavy” pills and sometimes surgical treatment. Folk medicine that uses natural ingredients for treatment and innovative technologies based on different pulses and healing radiation are becoming very popular. One of the cutting-edge technologies is DENAS therapy.

DENAS therapy

How does DENAS work

DENAS therapy method stands for dynamic electro neuro stimulation. This treatment technology is based on weak pulse currents that influence on biologically active points and stimulate body to treat itself, without drugs and surgery. Physiotherapy and reflexology are combined in this method to get the best effect.

People all over the world choose these devices because of their safety and effectiveness:

  • the therapy doesn't cause any side effects or new diseases;
  • no habituation effect;
  • wide variety of indications for use;
  • easy to use at home — no professional help needed;
  • no age limits.

DENAS and DiaDens devices is a modern alternative medicine equipment that can be used both at home and in hospitals. With a help of ergonomically shaped probe electrodes you can use devices to directionally work with particular areas — belt zone, eyes, neck, elbow, knee, shoulder etc. As use of DENAS equipment provide some pain relief effect, it is a great choice for professional athletes and everyone who do sports and have traumas related to it.

Despite this therapy method is safe to use, please consult your physician before using DENAS devices to avoid any risk of individual intolerance.

About the company

The DENAS MS corporation was founded in Russia in 1998. With time company has developed its products and now offer not only therapy devices but also cosmetics, probes electrodes, therapeutic clothes and a big choice of educational literature. Some manuals you can get for free when ordering DENAS devices on our website.

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