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Denas reflexo - electrode rug for su-jok therapy

Denas reflexo - electrode rug for su-jok therapy
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DENAS-Reflexo is a portable electrode to universal devices (Denas, Diadens, DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-PC).


Electrode DENAS-Reflexo is intended for influence on  foot zones (the Sou-jok treatment). The electrode is executed from a new material - current-carrying plastic and has the special form in the form of a rug covered with roundish thorns. Thanks to such form electrostimulation function is combined with massage.


On Sujokk system on stop of the person there are projective zones of conformity of all internal and body parts. Stimulation of these zones renders the expressed improving effect at variety of diseases:


- Orthopedic diseases of foot, artrozo-arthritises of joints of feet;

- Vascular diseases of feet (varicose illness, a diabetes, an atherosclerosis of vessels of the bottom extremities);

- Diseases of urinogenital system;

- Bronho-pulmonary diseases;

- Diseases of bodies of a gastroenteric path.


Convenient design DENAS-Reflexo allows to apply it at adults and children. The electrode is steady against mechanical loadings and is simple in hygienic leaving.









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