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Cem Tech Healing card

Cem Tech Healing card
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" Healing " card is used to improve the overall immunity of the body after infectious diseases such as influenza, tonsillitis, acute respiratory disease, SARS.


Has a distinct antiviral properties.


Can be used for the prevention of diseases related to the circulatory disturbance of brain cells, relieve eye strain during prolonged work at the computer.


how to use " Healing' card

For relief of pain with a cold (laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.) have in the jugular depression.


Bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia " Healing" card are recommended to use in the second thoracic vertebra (the projection area of the lungs).


The card must be used to clear improvement, and then take a break for a week.


The most effects from  " Healing" card  - from 15-00 to 17-00.








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