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Bozon Home H2 / O3 ozone hydrogen generator for preparation of ozone and hydrogen water, ozonized oils

Bozon Home H2 / O3 ozone hydrogen  generator for preparation of ozone and hydrogen water, ozonized oils
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Bozon Home H2 / O3 ozone hydrogen  generator  . English manual. Free shipping worldwide. Warranty 1 year.

Hydrogen and ozone therapy are modern non-drug treatment for a wide range of diseases

This list includes about 150 diseases of various etiology

In South Korea, Japan, the United States and many European countries, regular hydrogen inhalation and the use of hydrogen and ozone water are an integral part of daily life.

Today it is absolutely easy to buy hydrogen-enriched or ozone-rich bottled water. The cost of such water is quite high, several times higher than the most expensive mineral water. 

Bozon Home H2/O3 is the only device that allows you to use ozone and hydrogen therapy at home.

The device is equipped with all the necessary accessories, for all kinds of procedures: from water preparation, to rectal and vaginal insufflations.

The device conforms to all medical requirements and European quality standards. Absolutely safe for home use. Has intuitively and clear interface and complete with exhaustive instruction with description of all functions

Bozon Home H2/O3 for hydrogen therapy, water saturation, hydrogen inhalations

At the beginning of 21 century the Japanese scientists Ikuroh Ohsawa and Shigeo Ohta discovered that the molecules of hydrogen reacted on high-reactive oxidants (known as «free radicals»), responsible for appearance and development of most illnesses. So, in 2007 a new era in a fight and prophylaxis of the heaviest diseases began.

Scientists proved that the daily use of hydrogen water and hydrogen inhalations rejuvenates an organism, improves well-being, promotes a capacity and general productivity.

Today there are two types of hydrogen therapy:

· The Use of hydrogen water (no less than a 1 liter in a day)

· Hydrogen inhalations

The extraordinarily wide spectrum of therapeutic activity of molecular hydrogen is explained by the selective impact of his molecules to the most dangerous free radicals of hydroxyl and peroxynitrite. Damaging effects of these radicals to critically important biomolecules of nucleic acids, lipoproteins of membranes and cell organelles brings the development of malignant processes, chronic illnesses, the early aging, including accelerated skin aging.

Daily intake of hydrogen water and hydrogen inhalations provide the prevention of ischemic heart and brain disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia), Parkinson’s disease and other.

This has been convincingly proven in hundreds of scientific publications and in clinical practice. An indirect confirmation of the healing properties of hydrogen water is that several natural sources of mineral water saturated with hydrogen, for example, the world-famous source in Lourdes (France), are recognized by the Church as sacred.

Figuratively speaking, your home device Bozon Home H2/O3 is a branch of the sacred Lourdes source, while having an additional property — the ability to obtain a pure ozone-oxygen mixture with an ozone concentration sufficient for ozone therapy procedures.

Hydrogen generator, ozone therapy machine. Ozone-hydrogen source Bozon Home H2/O3

Currently, tens of thousands of doctors in the most developed countries of the world conduct ozone treatments. In some cases, ozone is capable to replace strong medications with a high effect, and, most importantly, without having absolutely any side effects. Moreover, when combined with ozone, the effectiveness of all other treatments is increased. Moreover, it gives a positive result for any ailment.

Ozone is a universal stimulant that restores liver function not only in case of infectious lesions, but also in any toxic conditions caused by the effects of other viruses, as well as alcohol or its severe metabolic disorders, for example, in diabetes mellitus. Experience shows that diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, skin and ophthalmic diseases, nervous disorders and genital infections are successfully amenable to ozone therapy.

The healing gas activates the transport function of erythrocytes, improving microcirculation and tissue oxygen supply. Stimulates immune and antioxidant protection, improves the permeability of cell membranes for glucose, which leads to a decrease in its level in the blood due to a more complete saturation of the tissues with it.

What diseases are treated with hydrogen and ozone?

Bozon Home H2/O3 is designed for the prevention of a wide range of diseases by carrying out non-invasive procedures of ozone therapy and hydrogen therapy, as well as for reducing the risk of diseases caused by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The device is a source of ozone-oxygen mixture (OXM) for rectal, vaginal and auricular ozone insufflation procedures, preparation of ozonated water and  ozonated vegetable oils. It also allows you to carry out inhalations with hydrogen and prepare hydrogen-saturated drinking water, hydrogen-saturated drinks, including hot and alcoholic beverages.

Reliable efficiency

Coronary heart disease91%

Dyscirculatory encephalopathy78%

Obliterating atherosclerosis of limb vessels98%

Chronic gastritis95%

Stomach ulcer95%

Deforming osteoarthritis88%

Mono- and polyneuropathies92%

Bronchial asthma58%

Secondary immunodeficiencies84%



Ozone and hydrogen have a similar spectrum of therapeutic activity and the combined use of these gases offers attractive prospects for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. But how can this be done in practice, especially at home?

Obviously, both gases, due to their chemical properties (ozone is unstable and very quickly turns into ordinary oxygen, and hydrogen belongs to flammable gases) cannot be purchased anywhere in the form of compressed gases. In addition, the use of compressed gases is strictly regulated and prohibited for private use. Is there a theoretical possibility that it is easy and safe to obtain sufficient quantities of this gas at home?

Yes, it does, because ozone is a form of oxygen, which, together with hydrogen, is part of ordinary water. If we divide water into oxygen and hydrogen, while converting some of the oxygen into ozone, then we will get the necessary healing gases at home.

Why should I buy Bozon Home H2/O3 hydrogen and ozone generator?

· The device for hydrogen water Bozon Home H2 / O3, due to the powerful built-in generator, saturates the water with the required amount of hydrogen in 2 minutes (1.2 ppm).

· Maintains the required therapeutic gas concentration during prolonged inhalations (for example, during a night’s sleep).

· Additional materials and equipment are not required to generate hydrogen and ozone gas mixtures.

· Bozon Home H2/O3 generates ozone in an ozone-oxygen mixture with a concentration up to 90 mg/l.

· Compact, comfortable size.

· Bozon Home H2/O3 is the only appliance in the world with a built-in electrolytic source of oxygen, ozone and hydrogen.

The complete set includes:

· Ozone-hydrogen source with heated hydrogen support;

· Ozone-hydrogen terminal.

The set includes the following accessories:

· Glass with valve for preparing hydrogen drinks

· Carafe with valve for preparing hydrogen drinks

· Hot Hydrogen Drinks Mug with Valve

· Platform with nasal cannula for hydrogen inhalation

· Headphones for auricular ozone insufflation

· Vaginal ozone insufflation nozzle

· Rectal ozone insufflation attachment

· Destructor

· Bottle for preparing ozonized water

· Ozonized oil preparation bottle

· Syringes for filling and emptying the distilled water tank

· Conductometer

· Connecting tubes

 Technical characteristics of the device

Hydrogen stream

80-120 ml/min

Ozone-Oxygen stream


Platform heating temperature

Not less 60° С

Recommended specific conductivity of distilled water used in the device


Distilled water consumption in "Inhalation" mode


Maximum consumable supply of distilled water

200 ml

Power consumption

190 W

Device operating voltage

19 V

Continuous working ime

16 hours

Appliance dimensions (L × W × H)

200*100*160 mm

Appliance weight

2,7 kg

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