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PELODEX Kuyalnik MUD extract from salt lake for psoriasis treatment

 PELODEX  Kuyalnik MUD extract from  salt lake  for psoriasis treatment
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MUD EXTRACT PELODEX from mud resort " KUYALNIK" Ukraine - unique natural product.


The history of a mud extract PELODEX is inextricably related to a history of the oldest in the world, unique on the properties of a mud resort "Kuyalnik". The resort is located at the northeast part of Odessa( Ukraine) . The nature has not stinted, generously having presented this land with a dry and warm climate, big number of sunny days in a year, medical muds, curative solt lake's water, named "rapa", sources of mineral water, having created here perfect conditions of rest for people and healings of many illnesses. The first getters of salt - chumaks, carrying the extracted salt of lake Kujalnik across Russia in last centuries, involuntarily tested on themselves curative influence of rapa and mud, distributed around the world legends about wonderful healings of Kujalnik lake which began to involve to his coasts sick people, hoping to facilitate  their sufferings.


In 1833 the doctor of medicine Erast Andrievskiy, have found out about salutary force of silt and waters of Kuyalnik lake, has convinced city administration in necessity of creation here a medical institution, and in 1841 the first wooden buildings have been constructed , and later a two-storeyed stone clinic. Great Russian surgeon Nikolay Pirogov, repeatedly visited Kuyalnik, advises in his well-known work " the Beginnings of the general field surgery " to send to the lake wounded soldiers, suffering a suppuration and bad healing of wounds. Scientists of Novorossisk university study structure of a mud, rapa, their physical and chemical properties in laboratories.

Kuyalnik's muds on their medical properties are recognized as a reference, they are contain a complex of biologically active substances, macro and microcells, promote reduction of inflammatory processes, stimulate protective and adaptive reactions, restore functions of the injured bodies and systems of an organism. Working with medical muds the scientists and doctors put the collected experience in creation of the preparations possessing unique properties. Still in 40's years of XX century by academician V.P.Filatovym, V.A.Biber and V.V.Skorodinskoj has been created widely known preparation FiBS on basis of Kuyalnik's mud. Also are known Peloidodistillate, Peloidinum, Gumosolum, in Romania the extract of sapropels - Pelobiolum, in Austria - the Extract of peat - "Schwarzwasser" etc.


 The Kuyalnik “Liman” or “salt-lake”, the only thing similar in the world can be found in Israel, for the mud of Kuyalnik can only be compared to the mud of the Dead Sea .

Extract "Pelodex" is produced on the basis of the mud of resort Kuyalnik adequate to the world standards, by unique method of extraction. Physical and chemical structure of " Pelodex " is the richest high concentrated complex of 21 kinds of micro and macrocells: Na+, Рљ+, РЎР°2+, Mg2+, Mn2+, Co2+, Cr3+, Cu2+, Ag+, Pb2+, Zn2+, Fe2+, Mo2+, V2+, Ti+, W2+, Sn2+, Al3+, B2+, Cl-, J-, Br-, and also contains ions of organic and inorganic acids: humic, ant, amber, valerian, etc.
His structure includes biologically active substances possessing a wide spectrum of action, and also possessing the anti-inflammatory activity, improving processes of a metabolism and being natural antiseptics: hydrogen sulphide, hormones similar compositions and substances such as antibiotics. "Pelodex"is transparent, slightly opalesced liquid with pH= 7,2-7,4 and density 1075-1085 kg / m 3.

Gynecologic diseases: oophoritis, salpingitis, perisalpingitis, chronic para and perimitritis, endocervitis, chronic metritis and endometritis, wrong position of an uterus, results of surgical interventions, barreness female (primary and secondary)
Diseases of skin: psoriasis, red flat herpes, baldness, acneform eruption, microbic eczema
Diseases of man's genitals: chronic inflammatory diseases of prostate (except for tubercular and delays of urine), epidermitis, orchitis
Otolaryngology and dental diseases: chronic rhinitises, chronic inflammatory processes in additional bosoms of a nose, chronic allergic sinuapatia, chronic sub-and atrophic laryngitises, paradontosis, ulitis
Joints Diseases: results of traumas of the joints during rehabilitation, osteochondroses, arthrosis, poliarthrosis, arthritises, poliostearosis, Bekhterev's diseas, myositis, bursitis, synovitis
varicose expansion of veins: varicose expansion of veins, diseas of tired foots.

Pelodex compress
On a site of defeat of body or on a site of a projection of sick body impose, combined in few layers, a piece of a soft fabric or a gauze, moistened in Pelodex, heated on a water bath up to 38-40РѕРЎ
Pelodex trays
In Pelodex, heated on a water bath up to 38-40РѕРЎ, immerse sick finitenesses for 20-30 minutes.
Vaginal irrigation.
Pelodex, in cultivation 1:1, heated up to 38-40РѕРЎ, through a gynecologic mirror iject in to vagina.
Rinsings of an oral cavity.
Pelodex, in cultivation 1:2, heated up to 38-40РѕРЎ, collect in to oral cavity and hold there within 2-3 minutes.
Applications with Pelodex.
Cotton garrot, moistened in Pelodex, in cultivation 1:2, heated up to 38-40РѕРЎ, impose on gingiva area for 5-7 minutes.
Pelodex electrophoresis.
Pelodex electrophoresis is carrying out by devices for galvanizing. Hydrophylic linings of both electrodes, are moistened in Pelodex. Pelodex has to be uptaken from both poles. Electrodes have to be positioned locally on a place of defeat or on a reflex - segmentary zone..
Pelodex vacuum electrophoresis.
Vacuum electrophoresis is carrying out by devices consisting of the vacuum pump and a set electrovacuum ditch. On the certain sites of skin - more often zones of the most painful points, vacuum electrodes with the cotton-gauze tampons moistened in Pelodex to be installed.
Electrophoresis through dynamic points.
Pelodex electrophoresis is carried out by harmonic modulated currents on the corrected mode with a lining moistened in Pelodex. Electrodes have to be positioned on painful points, reflex and segmentary zones.

Product delivering in plastic bottles 0,48 l.

Period of storage - 1 year in a dark cool place. During long term of storage occurrence of a deposit and a smell of hydrogen sulphide is possible. It does not influence to medical properties.

Pelodex it is effective in treatment of the following diseases of skin:

- Chronic dermatosis which proceed with significant skin infiltration (limited neurodermatitis of Vidal, plaquel psoriasis, especially forms which are accompanied by defeat of joints, chronic forms, stationary and stationary - progressing stage);
- Red flat deprives;
- Baldness;
- A pimply rash;
- Microbic eczema;

    Efficiency of Pelodex application in treatment of skin diseases caused by it's desensitized, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, and also it's influence on immunobiological and adaptable processes. Pelodex is applied as trays, compresses, and lotions on a site of defeat. In polyclinic and stationary conditions Pelodex can be prescribed as electrophoresis, to a site of defeat and segmentary-reflex zone, thus duration of procedure increases up to 30 minutes

Diseases of nervous system


Ten years' experience of pelodex application has proved its high treatment efficiency of nervous system diseases:
- Diseases of a trigeminal nerve
(a neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve with rare attacks);
- Diseases of an obverse nerve (neuritis and neuropatia of infectious and ischemic character of an obverse nerve), the early and late regenerative period, including rigor contraction);
- Diseases nervous roots and textures (2 months and more after the acute period);
- Diseases of nerves of the top finitenesses finitenesses (defeat of middle, ulnar nerve, tunnel syndromes) and the bottom finitenesses(in subacute stages of an aggravation which was delayed, in the early regenerative period) 1 month after disease. In a stage of early remission, in the early and late regenerative period);
- Diseases of intervertebral disks (Displacement of an intervertebral disk in a cervical zone without myelipathy (a back cervical sympathetic syndrome. Caused by an osteochondrosis of a cervical zone of a backbone, during subacute period with rare secondary subthalamic crises);
- Degenerations of intervertebral disks (in a cervical part, in a cross-section zone, with moderate and plainnless pains);
- Traumas of nervous roots and textures, spinal nerves, peripheral nerves of a humeral zone and the top finitenesses, bottom finitenesses (results of traumas of roots, textures, nervous columns which do not demand surgical intervention, and also after operations which are accompanied by impellent and sensitive infringements, attributes of long-term restoration of functions which are accompanied by impellent and sensitive infringements, posttraumatic syndromes with sharply expressed causalgy, vascular both trophic infringements and phantom pains);
- Inflammatory and trophic neuropatia (infectious polyneuritis, syndrome of Guillain-Barré, polyneuropatia during intoxication, toxicoinfections .In case of luck of vitamins of B complex, in case of allergy caused by medical products);
- Diseases of vegetative nervous system (vegetative polyneuropatia,solar plexitis, and also segmentary-vegetative syndromes, including professional character);
- Encephalitis, , myelitis,e ncephalomyelitis (the residual phenomena as a result of postinfluenzal, vaccinal, rheumatic and other forms of encephalitis, including subthalamic, vegetovascular syndromes);
- The remote results of a poliomyelitis (results of poliomyelitis, and also after orthopedic operations (arthrosis, implantation of muscles) at presence of attributes of long-term restoration of functions;
- Fractures of spinal column with damage of a spinal cord (results of Fractures of spinal column with brain damage or concussion, hematomyelia, with light tetra and paraparesis 4 months after trauma, or neurosurgery);
- Results of penetrating craniocereberal traumas (with impellent infringements as central paresis. A traumatic encephalopathy in the regenerative period) ;
Diseases of children's central nervous system ( children's cerebral paralyses (with the phenomena of vegetovascular dystonia, a syndrome of cerebral insufficiency, the hyperkinetic form with prevalence of dystonic hyperkinesia );
- Professional neurosises;
- Neurasthenias;
- Diseases Reyno.

Diseases of joints


For patients with diseases of the joints and bones Pelodex could be applied in following cases:

- Results of traumas of joints and bones within period of rehabilitation. Promotes in liquidation of edema, distress of trophicity, changing of sensitivity, etc. activate the process of adnation of broken bones;
- Osteochondroses;
- Results of the passed rheumatic arthritis or polyarthritis;
- Rhematoid arthritis or polyarthritis in an inactive phase;
- Bekhterev's disease in phase of remission;
- Reactive arthritises (as a result of nasopharyngeal infections and other infections) in a chronic stage;
- Microcrystalline arthritises (podagric arthritis or polyarthritis);
- Osteoarthrosis primary (poliostearosis, oligoarthrosis, monoarthrosis, spondylosis, intervertebral osteochondrosis) and secondary (asa result of dysplasia, arthritises, traumas, static infringements, and also hypermobility);
- Arthropathy at not rheumatic diseases (relayed to endocrine diseases - myxedematous, climacteric);
- Osteochondropathic (diseases of Peters, Kienböck, Koenig, Keller 1 and 2, Sherman - Mau);
- Results of broken joints and finitenesses with diminished consolidation and a painful bone callositas;
- Diseases of soft tissues (myositis, enteropathia, including epicondilitis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, synovitis, bursitis, parasynovitis, fascitis, aponeurosis, including contracture of Dupuytren);
- Contractures : artogenous, osteogenous, cicatrical, neurogenics;
- Osteomyelitis chronic, hematogenous (except for tubercular);
- Varicose dilating of veins, diseas of tired legs.

    In case of joints and bones diseases Pelodex applied in domestic conditions as trays and compresses.
    In stationary and out-patient conditions Pelodex it can be used, both as trays and compresses, and as physiotherapeutic procedures (electrophoresis, diadinamophoresis).

Diseases of female reproductive system

Among the gynecologic patients who is requiring in Pelodex treatment, the biggest contingent are persons with chronic inflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus:

- Chronic salpingitis and salpingo-oophoritis;
- Chronic para and perimitritis;
- endocervicitis;
- Chronic metritis and endometritis;
- Infantility, ipoplasia of uterus;
- Menses frustration, as a result of inflammatory process;
- Results of surgical intervention;
- Barreness female (primary and secondary)

    In stationary conditions Pelodex in case of gynecologic diseases used as electrophoresis direct on zone of genitals, and on different reflexogenic zones, as vaginalum irrigation and vaginalum trays.
    In domestic conditions application of Pelodex can be limited to compresses on a site of a projection of genitals and reflexogenic zones, and also as vaginalum trays.
    At such treatment the inflammatory phenomena appreciablly decrease, mobility of a uterus increases, morbidity decreases.
    At Pelodex treatment resolving cicatrix, he bring anti-inflammatory action, and as result in the certain degree are eliminated catarrhal phenomena of mucous membranes, comes fast cuticularization of erosive processes. Pelodex treatment promotes reduction of infiltration, exudative phenomena in a muscular layer of a uterus and pipes, elimination adhesive changes on a serous surface with restoration of passableness phallopius pipes


Otolaryngology diseases

At the following diseases of an ear, a throat and a nose application of Pelodex is renders proof therapeutic effect:

- A chronic rhinitis;
- Chronic inflammatory processes in additional bosoms of a nose;
- Chronic allergic sinusopatia;
- Chronic eustachitis, otitises, mesotympanitis;
- Chronic sub and atrophic laryngitises.

    Pelodex is influences on receptor apparatus of skin and a mucous membrane, therefore by the reflex way vascular reactions are changing, nervous - endocrine mechanisms are switching on, an action to the metabolic and other processes, determining of an inflammation is carried out. Pelodex also possesses by desensitized and antiseptic action.

Dental diseases

Pelodex have powerful anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-edematous effects, improves a metabolism in tissues.
In stomatology it is applied in case of:

- ulitis;
- alveolar pyorrhea;
- paradontosis;
- stomatitis;

    It is used as applications, trays, rinsings.
In a day 3-4 procedures are carried out. Time of an exposition 5-7 minutes. On one course of treatment 10-15 procedures are applied.

Diseases of male reproductive system


Pelodex successfully applied for treatment of following diseases of man's genitals:

- Epidedimitis, orchitis;
- Chronic inflammatory diseases of prostate (except for tubercular and delays of urine).

    It is applied as electrophoresis and microclyster.


For diseases and traumas of the joints and bones Pelodex is applied as anti-inflammatory, anti-hydropic treatment, which is improving metabolism, impoving merging of bones and formation of bone callositas in case of fracture, and also rendering analgesia action.

    Pelodex is applied as trays and compresses.

Procedure is carried out once a day, for children - time of an exposition 1,5-2 hours, fort adults - for the night. Pelodex should be heated up on a water bath up to temperature 37-40°РЎ
    Cotton wool is plentifully moistened with heated Pelodex, slightly wrung out and put to a sick joint or on a site of fractured bone.
    10-15 procedures are applied within one course, that promotes completely remove edema, inflammations, normalization of the processes carried out in copulative tissues. The consumption of Pelodex approximately 1,5-2 litres.

Procedure is carried out one, sometimes two times (in the morning and in the evening) a day. Finitenesses are immersed in trays of heated on a water bath Pelodex up to temperature 38-42°РЎ. Time of an exposition of 20-30 minutes. For full course of treatment usually applied 10-12 procedures.

The reuse of Pelodex is not desirable.






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