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Black karpatian clay 0,5 kg( 1,1 lb)edible for detox and scin care

Black karpatian clay 0,5 kg( 1,1 lb)edible for detox and scin care
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Black clay





The hard, dense, it has a gray-black color.


When biting produces a characteristic crunch. When wet black clay becomes very aromatic, pronounced smell of wet asphalt after rain.


Little sticks when chewed. It smacks of activated charcoal and taste of wet dust. Black clay perfectly chewed and dissolved in the mouth, slightly creaking. At the end is a slight tart aftertaste.




Carpathians (Carpathian)




excellently cleanses and rejuvenates the body. It has high anti-cellulite and fat burning effect, and also narrows the pores and cleanses the face from pollution, makes the skin texture smooth.




Inside: dry chewing a piece of clay , or with drink water or use as mix clay  and water.


Externally: clay masks and baths, wraps, compresses, rubbing, massages, wraps.


Ingredients: natural black clay lumps.


Net weight: 500 g


Shelf life: unlimited.


Made in Ukraine.


Benefits of black clay


-dries oily skin eliminating shine and normalises the sebaceous glands

-helps eliminate problematic skin 

-cleanses blocked pores and nourishes the skin

-improves blood and cell circulation helping to reduce redness

-contains anti-aging properties pulling the skin taught and smoothing out shallow wrinkles.

Black clay facial mask

Phase 1: To activate clay mix a teaspoon with purified water to a thick paste consistency and apply to the skin, always test a small area on the back of your hand first. Whilst the clay is damp your skin will absorb the beneficial minerals.

Phase 2: The clay will begin to dry which excretes the capillaries and stimulate the blood flow as the mask cools and contract.

Phase 3: As soon as the mask is dry its time to wash it off, wash with water. Any residue left on the skin can be easily wiped off with an oil cleanser on a cotton wool pad


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