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Kuznetcov applicator  size 36X22 cm




Number of elements: 56 pcs.

Size: 36 cm X 22

Material: fabric, plastic


Kuznetsov applicator, used for personal use in order to remove the pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pain in muscles, as well as to improve the local blood supply. It is widely used to influence the acupuncture points, which leads to improvement of the general condition of the body, restores cardio vascular, nervous system, respiratory function and gastro-intestinal tract, improves efficiency.


Kuznetsov Applicator is often prescribed to patients engaged in manufacturing and have large enough physical and emotional stress. The effectiveness of the use of the applicator Kuznetsova in sport and life is based on feedback from not only the patients themselves, but also attract qualified physiotherapists and doctors of various profiles.


Due to the improvement of local blood flow when using the applicator Kuznetsova increases the elasticity of the skin and restores tissue turgor, decreased body fat percentage.


Impact on the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, muscles and improves mobility in affected joints, reduces pain in osteochondrosis lesions at the site and eliminates the referred pain in other organs and systems. Kuznetsov applicator eliminates headaches, improves sleep, removes tension and stress a positive effect for sexual dysfunctions.


Kuznetsov applicator used

Kuznetsov applicator is applied to the painful area for 30-60 seconds, repeating the procedure until the complete disappearance of pain effect. Kuznetsov applicator can be worn over a long period, by fixing belts, elastic bandages. Areas that are affected by the device may be exposed one by one, or if you have multiple applicators - simultaneously in different areas.



The materials of which the applicator is made Kuznetsova, the device can be disinfected with detergent without abrasives, brushes, and with the obligatory use of running water.


Before using the applicator Kuznetsova should consult with your doctor and read the accompanying instructions. It must be remembered that the contraindications to treatment applicator Kuznetsova is the presence of neoplastic diseases, inflammatory skin lesions and purulent nature, and thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins.




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