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Amaranth oil 100 ml 1,5-2% squalene

Amaranth oil 100 ml 1,5-2% squalene
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Amaranth Oil

After years of study and searching the world over for Amaranth Oil, we are pleased to offer an affordable source of the highest quality, most pure, absolutely non-toxic and hexane-free Amaranth Oil.

Imported from Ukraine and grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, our Amaranth Oil is extracted using a new method (virtually unheard of in the United States) which retains the most valuable nutrients and essential fatty acids necessary for cellular energy and abundant health. It also contains the highest amount of squalene, nearly 8%, of any food ever discovered. The benefits of squalene in Amaranth Oil may surprise you!


North American Research Excerpts:


Some of the benefits seen in the research include:

Improvement of Circulatory System 
Increase in Energy  
Lessening of Pain 
Improved Skin, 
Less Wrinkles 
Control of Chronic Disease 
Control of Arthritis 
Control of Allergies 
Control of Diabetes 
Control of Asthma 
Control of Candidiasis 
Healing of Burns 
Healing of Infections & 
Skin Lesions 
Reduction of various symptoms of Cancer 
Increase in White Blood 
Increase in the Excretion of Mercury 
Clearing of Eczema 


 Published Research from Russia, Japan and France Include:

    Lung Cancer Prevention
  • Squalene also prevents the development of lung cancer of individuals exposed to inhalation of smoke with the high content of tar substances. 

    Protects Against Environmental Stress
  • Squalene improves the resistance against radioactive and X-ray irradiation. Squalene also reduces adverse effects of toxic exhaust gases in heavy car traffic areas. 

    Healthy Cholesterol Level
  • The daily dose of squalene (0,25 - 0,50 g) decreases the level of cholesterol in blood and this way also the risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attack. 

    Brain Function
  • Regular use of squalene improves mental performance, memory functions and improves also the resistance against psychic stress. 

    Immune System
  • Squalene improves immunizing functions in periods with higher occurrence of infection diseases and thus the resistance against such diseases. 

    Healthy Skin
  • By external or internal application, squalene improves the biological qualities of skin, retards the effects of skin ageing and development of wrinkles. Squalene also acts favorably in the prophylaxis of skin ageing, in particular at persons who are exposed to adverse weather effects and aggressive external environment





Amaranth oil - 100 ml.


Squalen content is not less than 150 mg%. It also contains vitamins A, E; palmitic, stearic, oleic, linolic, linolenic, nervon acids etc.; supporting ingredient – maize oil. Product does not contain GMO and preservative agents.

Recommended:to the diet for improvement of functioning of digestive organs, cardiovascular system, for increase of adaptive capacities of organism; recommended at ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before consumption.

Instruction for use:adults – 2-3 tea spoons daily during the meal (can be adeed to the food which is not at termally processing). Duration of usage: 3-4 weeks, later on the doctor recommendation.

Counter-indications:individual idiosyncrasy of product components.

Form of producing:oily liquid in the packing of manufacturer (banks polymeric, plane, of dark color, volume netto 100 ml).

Storage conditions:in original packing, in dry place, at temperature not above +25°C. After opening – keep in refregerator.

Nutritional value, g/100g:

fats – 99,9; proteins – 0; carbohydrates – 0,1.

Energy value (caloric content), kcal/100g:


Shelf life:1 year from the producing date.


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