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2 Shungite polished Cilynder harmoniser lenght 100 mm diam 30 mm

2 Shungite polished Cilynder harmoniser lenght 100 mm diam 30 mm
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2 SHUNGITE cilynder harmoniser POLISHED DIAMETR 30 mm LENGHT 100mm




Harmonizing cylinders are also called pharaoh’s cylinders. They are a powerful tool for charging and achievement of harmony of body and spirit. Bioenergy specialists consider pharaoh’s cylinders as two energetic pillars: Yin pillar (the left) and Yan pillar (the right). Through these pillars energy, that also enhances human aura – its invisible protective field, comes and cleanse a body. One of the leading mechanisms of mineral cylinders is energy-information influence on body through active biological points of hands. Hands are very important body microsystems on which all the body organs and systems are presented in a small version. It is necessary to hold the Yin cylinder of schungite (black) in the left hand and to hold the Yan cylinder of talcum peach (dark green) in the right hand. In the course of session sitting in a relaxed pose without crossing legs one should put both hands with cylinders, which are gripped in them, on the knees and keep them parallel to each other. To reinforce the effect it is recommended to close one’s eyes, to abstract oneself from all thoughts and to concentrate attention entirely on the feelings. It is advisable to start with the 3-5-minute session and gradually to prolong the session to the 10-15-minute period. The effect of “charging” and harmonization will be maintained for about two days. It is recommended to use the cylinders twice per day (in the morning and in the evening) during two weeks with the follow-on break for a month. Their use is not allowed for people who have acute heart diseases (infarction, stenocardia), who have suffered a stroke, who suffer from nervous and mental disorders, high-grade hypertension, acute infectious diseases and who are pregnant (in the late stages).




According to the scientists' calculations, the shungite age is almost 2 milliards years. This stone looks like black coal. The only shungite deposit is situated in Karelia.

There are few theories that explain the origin of shungite. However, it does not matter how it happened, the mineral appeared with no analogues regarding its healing qualities and variety of features. Shungite treats, saves, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even grows. What a wonderful stone: it kills and absorbs everything that does harm to people and live beings and it concentrates and restores everything what is useful. Fullerenes, that are a part of shungite, is a special form of carbon existence. The structure of fullerene molecule reminds of cover of a football ball and consists of hollow carbon ions. Carbon globules easily get out into cold water from the surface of the chips of recently-crushed rocks. That is how the healing effect of water is explained.

The balls from shungite will help you:

  • to get rid of overstrain;
  • to develop coordination;
  • to concentrate attention;
  • to tonicize your body;
  • and the important thing is that they are beautiful.

Shungite normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasms and cramps of hand muscles, trembling of hands, joint stiffness. Exercises with them improve circulation of blood.

Regular exercises with the balls preserve the high level of memory and mental abilities for a long time, help to cope with tiredness and avoid unnecessary anxiety. The balls are also attractive because of the possibility to exercise with them at any time and anywhere, which is the evident benefit of the exercises regardless of age, sex and state of health.

From the point of view of the modern medicine the positive effect of the balls can be easily explained by the closest connection existing between hands and central nervous system. More than that, according to the notion of the traditional Chinese medicine, there are active spots on fingers and palms, the pressure on which has beneficial effect on heart, vascular and digestive system. The modern medicine also admits the presence of reflexogenic zones connected with the internal and influencing their functioning on the palms. According to their effectiveness the balls can be considered one of the best means of maintaining high performance efficiency and active longevity.


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