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Overweight, low quality food, bad condition of skin and depressed mental condition make more and more people think about starting a detox program.

What is detox

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Nowadays detox programs are very popular as a weight loss method which also improves the general condition of a body. Such programs often last from 2-3 days to several weeks and include special nutrition and some yoga exercisers. During the detox period people stop using all chemical personal hygiene cosmetics (shampoo, toothpaste etc.) and use their organic ingredients.

After the detox program thank to it elaborate nutrition which consists of easy light products our bodies lose all harmful ingredients which we get because of bad food polluted environment. Such programs improve our metabolism and in general make us feel better. Many participants of such programs see a notable improvement of skin condition and general health, which again proves the statement that we are what we eat.

Please note that detox programs may have some contraindications so consult your physician before starting it. Also, if possible, take a vacation for the program time to be in peaceful and calm state of mind.

Weight loss products from Kalinka store

In our our store we offer products that will help you to prepare your body before detox program or just help you to lose weight. Here you can find:

  • various masks and cremes for a skin care;
  • edible clay which helps in detox and cleaning a skin;
  • massagers and massage cups to fight cellulite;
  • remedies that improve work of a stomach.

If you want to start a detox program for the first time, it's better to begin with 2-3 days of detox. You will need to prepare your body, especially if you don't lead a healthy lifestyle. Reduce from eating junk food, stop drinking coffee and alcohol and include more fresh vegetables and clean water into your meals. In the same time add some pills that improve work of stomach to help it.

Kalinka store offers for sale healthy living products which we deliver to all countries of the world. Join our community now and start your new healthy life!