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Svatogor"e chalk0,5 kg ( 1,1 lb) edible for detox and skin care

Svatogor"e chalk0,5 kg ( 1,1 lb)  edible for detox and skin care
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Svatogorsk chalk - 500 gramm (1.1 lb )




Extraction of chalk made in the wonderful city of Svyatogorsk, which is famous for ecological purity, hence the name. In Svyatogorye it is wonderful temple is unique in that carved directly into the rock of the Cretaceous. That is why the chalk, produced in these parts, has healing properties, providing a beneficial effect on the human body. White chalk going through in  selection process  by the  very accurate separating from the "holy mountain", so sand and dirt is not  possible in it .


Mel Svyatogorye presented appetizing clean crisp white pieces. He is somewhat dirty in white color hands, causing his desire to lick or bite. Consistency chalk clean, crisp, dry, a little harsh, it does not affect the process of chewing. Biting on grains, chalk, getting in your mouth, chew completely, and then dissolves.



Medium-hard, dry.


Ingredients: natural chalk lumps Svjatogorsk field.


Net weight: 100 g


Shelf life: unlimited.


Made in Ukraine.





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