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Health care - it is always the most important investment. We live under the influence of many negative factors. Often we feel the effects of this on ourselves. How you could help yourself to restore the health?

Wanting to take care of our families, we often ask ourselves the following questions: what instruments do we need, and how to choose the best option for our loved ones and us?

In order to help you to make your choice, we divided all the products into groups and gave them a detailed description. Below, we offer you the recipes that we believe will help you in different situations.

Recipe № 1. Get rid of the pain and chronic diseases

CHENS SCENAR 01, CHENS SCENAR 02 are the devices for home therapy, the doctor in your pocket.

Scenar therapy allows you to quickly get rid of bruises, injuries, marked aggravation of disease, to accelerate the healing process of the extensive-stage and chronic diseases. SCENAR can reduce the dosage of medicaments or completely abandon them, thus avoiding the undesirable side effects.

DENAS-Cardo, DiaDens-T, DiaDens PCM - portable and easy to use devices. Push the button and cure yourself. It is ideal device for the elderly people. DENS Method is rightly called physiotherapy of XXI century. It is based on the impact of neuro-impulses on biologically active points and zones of the body.

DENS Method allows you to conduct effective therapeutic sessions in acute diseases and conditions (as fever, inflammation, bruises, migraines and other) and various chronic pathologies.

Recipe № 2. Improve your health and increase your immunity

CHENS SCENAR 01, 02 and its basic version are the devices for home therapy. Scenar NT is designed for professionals. SCENAR therapy is a method of non-medical, non-invasive (not destroying) therapeutic effects on the human body. SCENAR-influence is aimed at enhancing the body internal forces, the regulation of metabolism, blood circulation, and normalization of the nervous system.

Diadens T Denas PCM

In addition to a wide range of therapeutic action, DENAS has an excellent immunomodulating effect and is successfully applied for the prevention of infectious diseases, stress and exacerbations of deseases.

CEM TECH devices

This is a new word in medicine! A series of medical devices «CEM TECH» implements the principle of information-wave bioresonance medicine.

«CEM TECH» device is universal and can be used in various cases for the health resumption. «CEM TECH» can effectively cure many diseases in complete safety and without side effects leaving behind the methods of classical medicine. Greatest relevance of the device is shown when solving the problems that cause difficulties with the traditional approach to treatment.

Recipe №3 Fight against overweight and cellulite

Electric Vacuum Cupping Massagers - a Beauty Salon at your Home.

In addition to combat cellulite and overweight, vacuum massage is good to be applied with indurations of the connective tissue during rehabilitation after the plastic surgery as well as in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and during intense exercises. When exposed to the face, vacuum massage stimulates and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, refreshes the complexion, easy fixes edemas, improves the circulation of lymph and blood, which reduces the symptoms of skin aging.

Lyapko Massagers

Massage rollers and mats with silver needle are a patented invention of Russian doctors. They help to solve many problems.

Recipe №4 Protection from the Adverse Health Effects


There is the only shungite deposit, on the Planet in the north-west of Russia. Shungite protects against the electromagnetic radiation and psycho-energetic aggression, neutralizes the harmful effects of abnormal zones.

The water, infused on Shungite changes its structure, approaching the structure of the melt water, it is endowed with the ability to reorganize and rejuvenate the body: it makes the skin elastic, strengthens the hair and restores its shine, soothes and eliminates irritations, itching and rash.

Shungite helps to preserve your youth, beauty and health.

Terra Dosimeter is a simple and convenient device that can always help you to ensure radiation safety of your home, car and recreational places.

Unique Portable Water Filters have no analogues in the world. Water Activators and Water Ionizers will help you to turn ordinary tap water into the healing and healthful water.

Recipe №5 Beauty of Healthy Skin

Some devices of Scenar and Denas series were specifically created for the preservation of youth and beauty. Chans Scenar 01.02 combining with cosmetological, facial and other electrodes can help you to turn back the clock, to make your skin smooth and radiant, to accelerate recovery after the plastic surgery, and remove edemas.

Denas-Cosmo heightens the effect of your favorite cosmetics.

The result from the use of these devices in combination with the placental balm will exceed all your expectations! Vacuum cups (made of glass and silicon) for the face, neck and body massage, electric vacuum massager, massage rollers for the face and body will help you to create your own beauty salon at home.

Many people suffering from vitiligo and psoriasis are trying to find a way to cure their illness. Special psoriasis vitiligo lamps will help them with this problem. The treatment can be done at home. Just follow the instructions and you will get a great effect.

If you have any questions or need more information, we are always happy to help you!