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Rikta -Esmil 2A Laser home therapy device

Rikta -Esmil 2A Laser home therapy device
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RIKTA -ESMIL 2A devicom uses of combination of transcutaneous electroneurostimulation and quantum therapy.


This additional features  provides a fast analgetic effect. 

The device proved itself to be an exellent toolin treatment and prevention of varios diseasesvsuch as  arthritis, back pain, joint pain,as well as sprains  and strains.


One couls easily a compact RIKTA-ESMIL 2A on a business trip, to the countyside. This device could become a useful tool at home and in the office.

Time of independent operation without batterybrecharging- up to 10  hours.


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Technical characteristics


Quantity of radiators - 1*

Pulse power of laser radiation - not less than 8 Watt

Pulse power of infrared radiation - 120 mW

Area of radiating surface of the radiator - 4 sm2(+ direct laser radiation)

Wavelength of pulse laser radiation - 0,875 micron/875 nanometers

Wavelength of pulsating broadband infrared radiation - 0,875-0,960 micron/875-960 nanometers

Wavelength of pulsating broadband red radiation - 0,640-0,740 micron/640-740 nanometers

Frequency of red light pulse radiation - 2 Hz

Duration of procedure of treatment - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10... Min.

Magnetic induction - 35+/-10 mTl

Electropulse - 40 microseconds(Electrotherapy)

Burst - 200 microseconds(Electrotherapy)

Overall dimensions - 170x90x70 mm

Weight - 0,7kg

(*possibility to apply nozzles set KON for direct laser radiation)

(*possibility to change setting modes).

The new Rikta-ESMIL-2 is the FIRST device in the world that combines magneto-infrared laser therapy and transcutaneous electro-neurostimulation.




English operating manual.



For the first time In medicine a device that combines magneto-infrared laser therapy and transcutaneous electro-neurostimulation has been developed. Therapeutic efficacy is greatly increased. Automated individual optimisation of electro-impulse parameters by biofeedback, on the criteria of personal feelings of comfort and painlessness.

It has become possible to effect on nervous, haematogenic, endocrine, immune and respiratory systems of the organism simultaneously by several electromagnetic radiations:

1. Pulse infrared laser radiation (invisible) of the semi-conductor arsenide - gallium laser diode is the basic medical factor of quantum therapy. Laser radiation has a monochromaticity (bandlimitedness), spatial and time coherence and polarization and due to these properties has very strong stimulatory influence on blood circulation, membranous cellular metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immunocompetent systems, harmonizes hormonal factors of a metabolism.

2. Pulsating broadband infrared radiation (invisible) of semi-conductor light-emitting diodes has smaller, than laser, biological effectiveness, because of the greater spectral latitude, incoherence and nonpolarized radiation . It penetrates deeper and has a harmonizing action on the tone of central and vegetative nervous systems.

3. Pulsating broadband red radiation (visible) of semi-conductor light-emitting diodes, penetrating on slight depth, has beneficial effect, reducing intensity of inflammatory processes in a skin and hypodermic cellular tissue, especially in zones of areolar tissue. Besides red visible light visualizes the zone of application and has weak local warming and salutary psychotherapeutic effect.

4. Magnetostaticfield turns axes of the molecular magnetic dipoles, enlarging an internal energy of molecules. It also allows to keep ionization molecules of tissues in a dissociated state. It rises the effectiveness of influence of other medical factors of quantum therapy at the molecular and cellular levels. Passing of ionized molecules and blood cells flow in a magnetic field produces their pressing to walls and turbulence of the stream, that strengthens the intensity of a saturation of tissues with oxygen and activate the process of excretion slags.

5. Electrotherapy - transcutaneous electro-neurostimulation. Possibility of treatment by methods of electropulse - therapy more efficient when removing the stressful conditions and painful syndrome.Electro-neurostimulation in combinanation with laser thearpy is very effective at treatment of diseases of joints and traumata.

All these components of Rikta-ESMIL-2 device of quantum therapy work together, influencing simultaneously and strengthening each other, they create the unique physiotherapeutic medical and prophylactic effects of polyfactor action.

Rikta apparatus influences on human's bioactive zones with low intensity electromagnetic radiation and stimulates organism's own vital resources, improves circulation of blood and intensifies the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

RIKTA - excellent device for prophylaxis of different illnesses. The spectrum of operating of the quantum apparatus is very wide: from medicine up to animal industries, veterinary medicine and plant - growing.

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